TK-0.5 World TourIntroduction

TK-0.5, the "Traveling Trooper," is on a seemingly endless tour of duty for the glory of the Empire. Using a primitive transit system known as "postal mail," this 12-inch tall trooper is dedicated to exploring the planet Earth with the aid of the 501st Legion. If you have information on a location or event that you feel should be brought directly to TK-0.5's attention and included in his tour, please contact Traveling Trooper Liaison TD-2709.

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TK-0.5's Backstory

The Dark Side of the Force had provided Emperor Palpatine with foreknowledge that a rising Jedi by the name of Luke Skywalker had the potential to destroy him. The Emperor knew that the chance of this happening was slimmer than that of bull's-eyeing a womp rat from a T-16. Nevertheless, he had the wisdom to prepare contingencies should this come to pass.

In this vein, Darth Sidious started a secret project, designated "TK-0.5," and took it upon himself to personally train a special commando. This commando's sole purpose was to see the Empire returned to its former glory by having it again guided by the Dark Side. His identity concealed, his mission and training a secret known only to the Emperor and himself, TK-0.5 became the stuff of Imperial Legend.

With the confusion surrounding the fall of the Sith at the Battle of Endor; this commando, disguised as a stormtrooper, aligned himself with the 501st Legion, an elite band of troops that served as Vader's personal guard. Since the 501st Legion's dispatchment to the Terra System in 1997, he has secretly been guiding a recruitment effort.

That recruitment effort has been very successful, the Empire's strength growing to over 3,000 troopers on Terra alone. In that time he has found not only willing troopers, but also bounty hunters that he can employ to destroy rebel sympathizers, as well as Force-attuned individuals that he has personally turned to the Dark Side using mind tricks taught to him by the Emperor.

He has determined that it is time to oversee the final stages of the next phase of his operations. As such he is personally touring each Garrison, Squad and Outpost worthy of his attentions. While there, he will personally inspect locations and events of strategic importance to restoring the Empire to its former glory.

Each Garrison has the duty of chronicling the tour by taking a picture of TK-0.5 with its Garrison members at landmarks which identify and represent each Garrison. His tour will be chronicled here so that his Legion will be able to utilize the intelligence information collected.

The "Traveling Trooper" project was inspired by Fan Force's Boston Rebels "Traveling Vader."

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