Excerpt from the 501st Legion Charter regarding Squads:
"Garrisons can create squads within their units where somewhat isolated clusters of members tend to operate together regularly.... Squad affiliation is normally based upon geographical boundaries and each member's primary residence."

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Squad Requirements
- Minimum of 10 active Legion members residing within a reasonably close geographic region
- Clearly defined geographical territory
- Approval of Garrison CO
- Six-month probationary period during which the Squad must demonstrate that it can operate as a solid, cohesive unit that is a part of the parent Garrison.
- The word "Squad" somewhere in the name of the unit

New Unit Logo Requirements
- Original artwork only (no direct copies of existing art, particularly Lucasfilm images).
- Elements should be graphical; i.e. no photographs. Vector art preferred.
- Name of unit should be in English or native language of the unit.
- "501st Legion" should appear in English.
- No inappropriate material (vulgarities, rude gestures, etc.)

Application Process
Once the Garrison CO has approved the formation of a Squad, the CO must complete this form which will then be reviewed by the LCO and COG. The application may be approved immediate, or may be returned or deferred if changes are required. If approved, the Squad then undergoes its six-month probationary period.

The probationary period does not affect a Squad's operations or permissions. The Squad is listed in the 501st.com database like any other unit and is not restricted from any functions with the exception of unit merchandise (contact the Legion MBO for details). Upon completion of the probationary period, the Squad's performance is reviewed by the Garrison CO and the Legion COG.

After completing the form (all fields must be filled in), click the "Validate Application" button to verify all listed members are valid. The button will change to "Submit Application" when the application is ready for sending. If you have general comments, questions, or technical issues, please use our feedback form.

Name of Squad (must contain the word "Squad" somewhere) Squad:

Parent Garrison:

Proposed geographic region of Squad:

URL of preview of proposed Squad logo:

Mission Statement of new Squad:

Contact E-mail address (usually the Squad Leader):

Command Staff:
Proposed Squad Leader (SLDR) TKID: 

Roster of Members:

Enter TKIDs of potential Members (must be active members of the 501st Legion):
(A minimum of 10 members are required including the proposed Leader above)

(Please separate TKIDs by commas or spaces, or enter each on a separate line.
You may continually add as many TKIDs as you wish prior to submitting.)

Any additional comments you wish to add:

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