Mar 2014

In Memoriam: Honorary Legionnaire Aaron Allston
by Fleetfang on Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:32 pm

On February 27th, Star Wars author Aaron Allston passed away. Aaron’s work influenced many realms, but it was his Wraith Squadron novels which led to his induction as one of the original three Honorary Members of the 501st Legion in 2002. His absence will be felt by all those who knew and worked alongside him, especially his fellow authors Mike Stackpole and Timothy Zahn.

Zahn had this to say about the sudden passing of his long-time friend: "Aaron was a wonderful author, a devastating punster, an erudite teacher, and -- most of all -- a wonderful friend. His humor in the midst of his pain and medical difficulties was an inspiration to everyone around him, and I will always remember the panels he and I (often with Mike Stackpole) did together. The Aaron, Mike, and Tim show, as we called it, has come to a sad close."

Ever a friend to the fan community, Aaron’s commitment to writing extended beyond his own work, and his loud shirts and sharp wit will be missed in the writing groups he passionately supported.

There’s a gray-striped X-wing waiting in the hangar for you, Aaron.

Yub yub, Commander.

501st Legion Trooper of the Month for December 2013 is ...
by TK 3809 on Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:07 pm
Dan Beltz, TK-6635,

Recently, while attending a local convention, Dan responded to a medical emergency involving one of his garrison mates. Dan rendered first aid and accompanied the trooper to the hospital emergency room. Dan spent all night and sacrificed his weekend so to remain at his friends side and ensure he was cared for. This selfless act was well above and beyond the call of duty and truly demonstrates the camaraderie that 501st Legion members share. The 501st Legion is proud to award Dan Beltz, Trooper of the Month December 2013.

Runners up for December 2013 are Scott Loxley, TD-4857, and Glen Rhodes, TK-85421, .

Congratulations to Dan, Scott, and Glen! Keep up the good work in the name of the Empire!

501st Mission Spotlight: BSO Sci-Fi Spectacular
by Fleetfang on Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:32 pm

From February 20th to February 23rd, the 501st Legion’s Old Line Garrison along with the Rebel Legion’s Terrapin Base were on hand to support the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for their four-day Sci-Fi Spectacular, featuring 501st Legion Honorary Member and Star Trek legend George Takei!

Read the full mission report in the

501st Mission Spotlight: Game Day at the Chicago Dice Dojo
by Fleetfang on Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:47 pm

On Saturday, February 22nd, members of the Midwest Garrison and the Rebel Nar Shaddaa Base invaded the for their Star Wars Game Day! The Dojo devoted the day to running demos of ' Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Role Playing Game, X-Wing starfighter miniatures battle game, and Star Wars Living Card Game (LCG) as a way to celebrate the release of , a new Corellian sourcebook for the role-playing game authored by native Chicagoan Keith Kappel.

Mr. Kappel had more than a few surprises of his own up his sleeve for the 501st... in the form of a custom adventure that he wrote especially for the game day. Tailor-made for the Legion members in attendance, it featured our characters mission to storm the Tantive IV! Read the full mission report in the , and game on, troopers!

501st Legion: Annual Report 2013-2014
by Fleetfang on Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:00 pm

Legion Commanding Officer Aimee Jorgensen has compiled an annual report and year in review for the 2013-2014 administrative term. It highlights much of what has been accomplished behind the scenes by the 501st Legion's Command Staff, including commentary from every Legion department. From Membership to Charity, from Merchandise to Web development, Public Relations, Events, and more. Learn about all of the advancements and initiatives that came to fruition in the past year, and get a taste of what's to come as we all move the 501st Legion forward together!

The full 501st Annual Report for 2013-2014 can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format by clicking here:

501st Trooper Spotlight: TI-4523
by Fleetfang on Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:19 am

The Legion Spotlight falls on Jeff Hickey, TI-4523 of Georgia Garrison! Jeff had an incredibly meaningful moment with a little girl during the Atlanta St. Patrick's Day Parade this year. Read more about this Imperial TIE Pilot and his unique experience on the Legion Spotlight page, here:

501st Legion Trooper of the Month for January 2014 is ...
by TK 3809 on Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:43 pm
Jason Boyd, TD-5945,

Jason has done an amazing job this past year as the Carolina Garrison Events Coordinator, often setting up last-minute events with surprising results, including actively seeking out charity events near and far, such as organizing several successful Blast-A-Trooper events to raise money for families needing help with hospital bills and other expenses.

Very often The 501st Legion receives requests for birthday party appearances, many of which we are forced to decline for various reasons. As a show of kindness, Jason regularly sends special replies back to the children along with various Star Wars items. Jason recently received a very touching video reply from one of these children thanking him for his gesture.

Runners up for January 2014 are Mike Fessler, TK-9721, and Jeremy Horn, TK-11972, .

Congratulations to Jason, Mike, and Jeremy! Keep up the good work in the name of the Empire!

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