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Trooper Survival Guide

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The Mission of the 501st Legion The 501st Legion also know as “the Legion”, “the 501st“, and “Vader’s Fist” is a Star Wars fan club dedicated to celebrating the Star Wars universe through costuming; specifically the costumes and characters of the Stormtrooper and other Imperial forces, as well as non-affiliated villains and denizens.The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together cos¬tume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote in¬terest in Star Wars through the building and wear¬ing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work. The Legion recognizes it holds no claim over the costumes and characters it portrays, and that their use is a privilege extended by Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL).The members of the Legion acknowledge and ac¬cept that while in costume, we represent the Star Wars brand and will do so professionally and re¬sponsibly at all times. Organizational Structure Legion Command Legion Command is the chief administrative and management group of the 501st Legion It’s roles are encompassed by the elected officers who fill the offices of : Founder (permanent):TK-210albin Johnson Legion Commanding Officer (lCo)-elected bythe generalMembership Legion Executive Officer (lXo)-appointed bylegionCommandingofficer Legion Membership Officer (lMo)¬appointedbylegionCommandingoofficer Legion Captain of the Guard (lCoG)¬appointedbylegionCommandingofficer Legion Public Relations Officer (lpro)– appointedbythelegionCommanding officer Legion Merchandise and Branding Officer –(lMBo)appointedbythelegion Commandingofficer Legion Web Master (lWM)-appointedbythe legionCommandingofficer Other Officers and Staff asrequired or appointedbylegionCommanding officer

Legion Council The Legion Council is the chief legislative body and is comprised of Legion Command Officers,Garrison Commanding Officers and their Executive Officer’s or appointees referred to as Second Council Seats. Each Garrison has two representa¬tives on the Council and each Outpost has one council seat. The function of the Legion Council is to provide a body that communicates the activities of the Legion Command to their local members. The Legion Council also debates and discusses major polocy and charter issues to present before the membership. Garrisons and Outposts Garrisons and Outposts are the local units that are the gathering of the troopers in their geographic lo¬cation. They are responsible for ensuring that events are staffed etc. Outposts are located in geographic locations where there are not enough members to form a Garrison. Garrison’s and Outposts are staffed by a central elected authority (Commanding Officer) and his or her appointed staff. Garrison Officer’s are comprised of: Commanding Officer (GCo orCo)-elected byGarrison oroutpostMembership Garrison Executive Officer (GXo orXo)¬appointedbyGarrisonCommandingofficer Garrison Membership Liaison (GMl)¬appointedbyGarrisonCommandingofficer Garrison Web Liaison (GWl)-appointedby GarrisonCommandingofficer Garrison Merchandise and Branding Officer (GMBo)-appointedbyGarrisonCommanding officer Garrison Public Relations Officer (Gpro)¬appointedbyGarrisonCommandingofficer Garrison Captain of the Guard (GCoG)¬appointedbyGarrisonCommanding officer Other Offices and Staff asrequired or appointedbyGarrisonCommanding officer Squads Squads are sometimes formed in larger Garrisons to facilitate the administration of the Garrison,cohesion and enjoyment of members who are too spread out within the geography of the centralized Garrison, enabling their members to troop, become active on the central Garrison boards and to facili¬tate the overall enjoyment of the Garrison experi¬ence. Squad Officer’s are comprised of: Squad Leader (Sl)– electedbytheSquad Membership Squad XO-appointedbytheSquad leader Other offices and Staff asrequired or appointedbySquad leader

Detachments Detachments are the costuming units of the Legion. Their role is to assist new and old costumers alike in the understanding, formation and build¬ing of costumes. Detachment Leaders and their administrative staff assist the LMO and GML’s in understanding unknown or misunderstood basic standards for costumes within their category of expertise. Detachment Officer’s are comprised of: Detachment Leader (dl)– elected by the detachment Membership Detachment Executive Officer or assistant detachment leader(dXo)-appointed by detachment leader

Question: What role do the Officer’s of each unit fill, and how do they help me as a trooper? Answer: LCO: The Legion Commanding Officer is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Legion. The LCO coordinates the Legion as a whole and sets the agenda for the Legion Council. LXO: Assists the LCO with all Duties as assigned LMO: In charge of all things membership related including the approval of new members to the adjudicator of costume types and characters. The LMO is also the primary advocate of the membership with the Legion Counsel and the Command Staff in matters of membership. LCOG: Works with the LCO/LXO/ Garrison Commanders to resolve issues that are not able to be resolved on the local level. LPRO: Responsible for the public face of the Legion. Manages publications, media, and pod casts. The LPRO is responsible for celebrity, charity, press, and fan group relations. LMBO: Manages and maintains the 501st Legion brand as it relates to club merchandise, outside use of the 501st images, logos, and material. The also LMBO approves monitors and oversees the creation, sale or distribu¬tion of 501st branded merchandise. LWM: Coordinates, manages amd maintains the Legions WEB presence and forums. Commanding Officer: Coordinates activities and members of the Garrison. XO & SL: Assists the GCO and coordinates activities and members of the Garrison. GML: The primary contact for new members at the Garrison Level. The GML is in charge of costume reviews for new members or new costumes for existing members. GWL: Manages and maintains the membership profile images and assists in Garrison WEB operations. GPRO, GMBO, GCOG, GWM: Perform the same duties as their Legion counterparts only at the local level. Detachment Leader: Facilitates the Costume Reference Library in conjunction with the Legion Membership Officer assists members in finding the right information for their specific costumes, assists the Garrison Membership Officers with costume reviews and coordinates and directs Detachment operations. Honorary Members and Friends of the Legion: Honorary Members are individuals who through their participation in the creation of the Star Wars Universe have been invited and inducted into the Legion in an honorary capacity. “The Maker” – George Lucas “Honorary Leader” – David Prowse Friends of the Legion are celebrity individuals who through their enthusiasm and interest in the Star Wars Universe have contributed to the advancement of the awareness of Star Wars and the goals and mis¬sion of the 501st Legion. Erich Kunzel – Conductor Dr. Michio Kaku – Futurist / Physicist Seth Green – Creator of Robot Chicken A complete list of Honorary Members and Friends of the Legion can be found at honorary.php 2 Joining the 501st legion

How do I get started? Research The first step in preparing to join the 501st Legion is research. You need to decide, if you haven’t already done so, which costume you wish to pursue in your quest to the Dark Side. There are many resources and tools available to you on the web and in the various books, comics, films and television series that comprise the Star Wars universe. The first three resources you should acquaint yourself with are the Legion Costume Reference Library (CRL), your lo¬cal Garrison and the 501st Legion Detachment that serves the costume category you wish to make. The Costume Reference Library (CRL) is an ongo¬ing project to categorize and provide basic examples of Legion costumes and components. The CRL is maintained on the Legion website and can be found here. I should be noted that the CRL is an on going endeavor and may not include all costumes currently accepted so don’t get discouraged if the most recent Clone Commander from The Clone Wars television series isn’t listed it doesn’t mean that it will not be ap¬proved just that either no one has submitted it for approval yet or that the CRL has yet to be compiled for that character. However, it is recommended that you pursue an established costume character for your first 501st costume. Through the Detachments you can see other mem¬ber’s costumes and build threads (WIP Threads), re¬search and locate sources for costume components, learn how to make various components yourself and learn how to assemble components supplied by the various armor makers associated with the Detachments. A list of detachments and the cos¬tumes they support is located in the Appendix. You may also find contact information for the Detachments on the web here Signing up for the forums at your local Garrison will put you in contact with like minded folks in your geographical area. Typically a Garrison will have programs to provide assistance and mentoring for you as you build your costume. The Garrison Membership Liaison (GML) will be your primary contact once you are ready to submit your costume for approval to the legion. A list of Garrisons and Outposts is located in the Appendix. You can locate your local Garrison or Outpost here http://501st. com/maps/index.php

What you can expectof the Legion andthe Garrison How can I join? If you own a high-quality costume representing any of the characters listed Costume Reference Library (CRL), just follow the steps below. There are no fees and the only requirements pertain to age and cos¬tume quality. The 501st is simply a fun, all-volunteer group of fans honoring the characters from the Star Wars saga. For further information regarding our mission, please read Article I of the Legion Charter. Do you qualify for membership? Do you own a professional quality costume rep¬resenting a well-documented canon villain from the Star Wars films or Expanded Universe? Note:Rebel or Jedi costumers should join the RebelLegion, our sister organization. Are you at least 18 years old?

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The 501st Legion is a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it is Lucasfilm's preferred Imperial costuming group. Star Wars, its characters, costumes, and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Used under authorization.