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=Back Drops and Sets=
=Back Drops and Sets=

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Back Drops and Sets

PVC Backdrop Stand

By: Terry Chui TK-2886

With a support frame, your backdrop can be assembled and set up in 5 minutes! It can be free standing, or use extension legs on the front, back or both to be a standalone backdrop. Armor totes can be stacked on the extension legs for support if needed.

I used 2" ABS piping, and some connectors along with some ABS cement. If you're interested in building one, this is what you need.


  • 7 lengths of 8 foot long ABS (black) pipe (3 of these will be used for the vertical supports, and will be cut shorter than 8 feet to accommodate the extension legs. The trimmings from the upper and lower cross bars can be used for the leg extensions)
  • 2 90 degree connectors
  • 5 T connectors
  • 1 X connector
  • ABS cement
  • hacksaw and a mitre box for cutting square ends
  • heavy duty velcro to attach the backdrop to the top bars

Frame Plan

Glue the connection joints to just the horizontal sections (5 foot total so the top and bottom bars can separate into 2), as it reduces the length of the pipes for transport.

Glue the entire center support together, the fewer separate sections or joints you have, the more stable it will be.

For the T shaped legs, glue the entire assembly together as it's much more stable this way. I have also labelled each joint so that "A meets A, B meets B etc." for easy setup.

Simply attach heavy duty velcro to the top cross bar and the corresponding velcro on the back of the backdrop.

Example with Backdrop Attached

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