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How Do I Join the 501st?

Please take a look at our membership application to see the requirements. If you are interested in joining, visit your local garrison or outpost before you start working on the suit. You can get invaluable assistance from local members!

How are costuming standards defined?

Most costumes in the 501st fall under one of our detachments. Each detachment, under the supervision of the detachment leader, works to establish the recommended standards for their costumes. The detachment leader submits the standards for review to the LMO team, who review the recommendations and work with the detachments on any required changes. The LMO makes the final decision regarding all costuming standards. The final standards for the costumes are given a final review by the LCO before being considered final.

Costumes not under any detachment are worked on by the LMO team with input from currently approved costumers.

Once a CRL is completed, substantive content changes must be reviewed by the LMO before publication. Grammar, punctuation and clarifying text can be added at any time by members of the Legion CRL team. The CRL team is made up of the LMO group, detachment leaders, and costume specialists designated by their detachment leaders.

Characters Qualification for 501st Membership

Is Darth Krayt acceptable for 501st membership? What about Captain Rex? Do you accept General Grievous?

Members and recruits often come to us to ask whether or not their favorite character is approvable by the 501st. To help make things clearer, we've put together this character approval statement that describes the criteria we use to make that decision.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your local GML.

Costume Review / Approval

Another frequently asked question is how we review new submissions. Please take a look at the costuming review page to see how we determine whether or not a costume meets 501st standards.

NOTE: Some commercially available Star Wars costumes and accessories may not be acceptable for 501st membership. It is recommended that you visit the Legion Detachment that covers the costume of your interest before making a purchase.

Weapons Policy

The 501st is an organization that spans many parts of the world, each with its own unique policies on replica weapons. Please visit the official 501st weapons policy for a description of the club requirements.

Costuming Reference Library

Members of the 501st have been working to assemble a catalog of visual reference guides for the various costumes in the Legion. Each of these guides represents the collected experience of our members and many hours of effort. In each guide you will find images of each part of the costume, a description of the part, and notes on 501st requirements for it.

Trooper Survival Guide

The Trooper Survival Guide is the basic field manual for the 501st Trooper. This guide will help you understand what you can expect from the Legion, and what the Legion expects from you. Trooper Survival Guide

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