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Welcome trooper (or potential trooper)! There's a lot of information to take in at and it can be hard to find what you need. We've put together this list of frequently asked questions to try to make it easier for you to get what you need. If you don't see your answer here, please contact us directly.

Troop on!


Joining the Legion & Getting a Costume

How do I join the 501st?

Visit the recruiting page for all the info you need on signing up!

How can I get in touch with my local garrison?

Take a look at the garrison, detachment and outpost listing page to find the unit nearest you.

Can I join if I am under 18?

Unfortunately no. We require that all members be at least 18 years of age.

However there is a group created by our founder for kids under 18:


Can you tell me where to buy a costume?

The 501st cannot provide recommendations for or against any costume makers or products. The best thing you can do is visit the detachment forum that supports the costume type you are looking into. Ask around there: See what people have, what they like, what they don't like. That way you can make an informed decision on your own.

How much do your costumes cost?

That depends on what costume you choose and what skills you bring to the project. If you can sew, an officer costume would be be relatively easy, but if you can't sew you'd need to hire a tailor.

In general, our costumes range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the character.

If I can't buy one online, how do I get a costume?

In general, most members either build the costumes themselves or get their costumes from other members with extra parts / unused costumes.

How to tackle a costume depends on the costume: A tusken raider is very different to build than Darth Vader! Visit the detachments page to find the specialized discussion forum for the costume you are interested in. You can also take a look at our ever growing costume reference library to get some ideas.

Are the characters from Star Wars: The Old Republic acceptable for 501st membership?

It depends on the character. Non player characters such as Darth Malgus would be perfectly acceptable. Customizable player characters are not (see the note below about custom characters).

Do you accept custom Star Wars characters?

While there are many amazing custom costumes out there, the 501st only accepts costumes with come sort of canon visual reference. Please take a look at our character approval guidelines for more information.

Is the Rubies stormtrooper/Vader/Boba Fett acceptable for membership?

Unfortunately no, at least not without a LOT of work. In most cases you will spend more money upgrading the costumes than you would have building your own suit. Definitely check with the relevant detachment before you buy!

The Rubies Darth Vader can be made into a workable ROTS Vader with a lot of work. Visit the Sith Lords Detachment to find out more.

Similarly the Rubies Stormtrooper can be made to work as a Return of the Jedi style stormtrooper. There's a lot to do, but the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment can show you how.

To date we have not seen anyone successfully upgrade the Boba Fett costume to Legion standards. The Bounty Hunters Guild would be the place to go to discuss.

What do I do if there are no pictures of the character I'm looking for in the CRL?

Our CRLs are based on the work of members. We need costumers who have completed the costumes to submit photos. If you have one of the costumes that is missing photos, head to your detachment and talk to your detachment leader about getting included in the CRL.

Can I make a costume not in your list of CRLs?

Absolutely, so long as it meets the character approval requirements. New to the Legion costumes happen all the time... that's how the CRLs get there in the first place! We added around 30 new characters in 2011 and had another within the first week of 2012!

When making a new to the Legion costume, interacting with the relevant detachment is vital! You want to make sure you are on the right track as you go, since new costumes are looked at very, very closely before they are approved. Make sure you gather your reference, and can explain any choices you make in your build!

For Past and Present Members

Can I change my Legion ID?

No, Legion IDs are permanent. Once a number is issued to you it cannot be changed.

If I retired then come back, will I have the same ID?

Yes. Since a Legion ID is permanent, it will always be tied to you. If you change garrisons, retire, rejoin... that number is yours forever.

What do I need to do if I move?

Transferring garrisons is easy! Just let the GMLs for your old and new garrisons know. They can make the changes needed in the database to get your records up to date.

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