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Model None, Photo by None


Description: Wampa
Prefix: DZ
Detachment: Blizzard Force
Context: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

  • This CRL is a work in progress.
  • As such, this costume must be approved by the Legion Membership Officer, via the appropriate section of the Legion forum.
  • If you have this costume and would like to assist with the completion of this library entry, please contact your detachment leader.
  • Please note that the use of the word "should" below does not indicate that the armor piece is considered open to interpretation. All instances of "should be" and "should have" will be replaced with "is" and "has", as this guide is completed.

Required Costume Components

The following costume components are present and appear as described below.

The 501st approval requirements are listed in black.

The Blizzard Force Detachment defines additional, optional costuming details listed in blue. Please visit the Blizzard Force web site for more details on these options.

For 501st membership only the requirements in black need to be met.

Blankwhite.gif Head
For 501st approval:
  • Head and mouth may be static or mechanical.
    • The original ESB Wampa had a static head with the performer looking out a opening in the neck area.
    • The Special Edition Wampa had a head in which the performer looked out of the eyes.
  • The exposed skin color on the Special Edition Wampa is a yellowish flesh tone.
  • The Wampa has ears (located behind the horns).
  • Wampas have varying types of noses.
    • The Puppet and Special Edition Wampas have a bulbous nose with wide nostrils.
    • The lunging Wampa (which looses its arm) has a bat type nose.
  • Mouth must be menacing in nature with large teeth.
    • There is an under-bite. The bottom jaw extends beyond the upper teeth
    • The Wampa mouth includes a tongue.

For level two certification (if applicable):
  • Mouth is mechanical and able to move.

Blankwhite.gif Horns
For 501st approval:
  • The ideal look of the Wampa includes Horns.
    • The various Wampa's, seen inside the cave, do have horns.
    • The Wampa that attacked Luke on the Tauntaun did not have horns.
  • There are two horn styles.
    • Seen on the original Wampa are lighter colored, "cattle horns" which are smooth and wide.
    • Special edition horns which are darker brown and textured. These horns contour to the shape of the head. They start behind and above the eyes, about 4-6 inches back.

For level two certification (if applicable):

Blankwhite.gif Fur Suit
For 501st approval:
  • Complete fur suit using synthetic hair.
    • The type of fur varies on the original Wampa suits, depending on the version that was created.
    • The original ESB suit was made of sheep skin, with a natural pile length of 3-5 inches thick.
    • The special edition had a similar length of fur.
    • (One recommended source is "National Fiber Tech")
  • Must be White or Off-White.
    • Some yellowing or dirt weathering may be added.
    • Blood stains are optional.
  • Shaggy appearance.
    • Hair may have some curl or matted areas.
    • Most of the hair is no longer than 5 inches.
    • The appearances of longer fur can be achieved by layering the sheep skin to simulate muscle.
  • Muscle & body Shape
    • The Wampa does have some defined muscle shapes.
    • These include shoulder muscles and a back hump.
  • The layering of the sheep furs, on the front of the suit, simulate pectoral muscles. There is also a V - shaped back.
    • There are also defined "glutes" (buttock muscles).

For level two certification (if applicable):

Blankwhite.gif Claws & Hands
For 501st approval:
  • The flesh tone of the hands matches and and is consistent to the face.
    • The original ESB Wampa does not have fur between the pads of the palms.
    • The Special Edition does have fur between the pads of the palms.
  • Large claws must be present.
  • The claws are about 2 - 2.5 inches long, they are curved and flat on the inside like a bear or claw. They are brown and black in color and have a carved texture (much like the toes).

For level two certification (if applicable):

Blankwhite.gif Feet and Toes
For 501st approval:
  • The Wampa has a well defined foot (It does not come down into a elephant type stump).
  • The toes (like the claws) have a carved texture.
    • The Special Edition Wampa, has four toes. Three up front, and 1 on the inside.

For level two certification (if applicable):

Blankwhite.gif Height
For 501st approval:
  • From 2.2m (7.2 ft) to 3m (9.84 ft).

For level two certification (if applicable):
  • Achieve average height of 2.5m (8.2 ft)
    • This may be accomplished with 1.5 - 2 feet high drywall stilts, inside the costume and covered with fur.

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