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SL vader rotj saber.jpg Alternative ROTJ Stunt Lightsaber
For 501st approval:
  • The lightsaber should be a Master Replicas or custom built based on the Graflex 3-Cell flash handle to match the stunt hilt used in ROTJ.
  • The metal has a machined aluminum appearance.
  • The grips extend all the way to the middle section.
  • A lever is not present on the box on the middle section.
  • There are no connecting wires towards the top of the lightsaber.
  • There are circular cutouts on the upper half of the lightsaber; some have a black object screwed into them bearing a hex shaped cutout in their center.
  • There is a D-ring at the top and the bottom of the lightsaber.
  • The lightsaber should only be required as long as it's in compliance with the applicant’s local laws.

For level two certification (if applicable):
  • The lightsaber should be capable of being belt worn with the emitter facing upwards (detachable blade or no blade).
  • The lightsaber should be a 1:1 scale of the lightsaber used in the film.
For level three certification (if applicable):
  • The lightsaber should be slightly weathered.
  • The reason this saber is allowed as an alternative option to the ROTJ Vader costume is because for many years it was believed to have been the actual hero ROTJ lightsaber mainly because it was mislabeled as such by the LFL archives and Master Replicas. Also note that this lightsaber is harder to find than the correct ESB/ROTJ version.

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