Sovereign Protectors

Sovereign-Protectors.png Sovereign Protectors

Royal Guards

CRL Status Key:
CRLcomplete.jpg - CRL is complete.
CRLtextcomplete.jpg - CRL text is complete, some images may be missing.
CRLinprogress.jpg - CRL is a partial work in progress.
CRLstub.jpg - CRL status undefined.

CRLcomplete.jpg TR - Captain Argyus
CRLinprogress.jpg TR - Carnor Jax
CRLstub.jpg TR - Kir Kanos
CRLcomplete.jpg TR - Royal Guard: AOTC
CRLcomplete.jpg TR - Royal Guard: ROTJ
CRLcomplete.jpg TR - Royal Guard: ROTS
CRLstub.jpg TR - Royal Guard: TFU
CRLstub.jpg TR - Senate Guard: TFU
CRLtextcomplete.jpg TR - Shadow Guard: TFU

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