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AT-ST Driver


Description: AT-ST Driver
Prefix: IS
Detachment: Armored Cavalry Detachment
Context: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
These specially trained Imperial troopers pilot the AT-ST walkers.

The 501st approval requirements are listed in black.

The Armored Cavalry Detachment defines additional, optional costuming details listed in blue and red. Please visit the ACD web site for more details on these options.

For 501st membership only the requirements in black need to be met.

This CRL is a work in progress and is not yet ready to use for GML approval!

Costume Components
Blankwhite.gif Helmet
For 501st approval:
  • Open face helmet based on the shell of Snowtrooper/Snow Cmdr. and AT-AT Cmdr. The base consists of the dome with rim and helmet skirt.
  • The helmet is to be painted in Grey, Grey-Green or Olive tone
  • Imperial Code Disks are positioned on both sides of the helmet skirt.
  • A rangefinder is attached centered to the right side of the dome aligned to the rim. The rangefinder consists of:
    • Rectangular box about h/l/d 1.85" (47mm), 1.65" (42mm), 0.4" (10.16mm) with a slight bevel and details on. The box is in the same color as the helmet.
    • 1 screw cap or cylindric knob approx. 0.4" (10.16mm) in diameter in the upper left corner
    • 2 cylindric pins lined up in the lower left corner of the box
    • 1 cylindric pin in the upper right corner of the box
    • 1 Rangefinder main detail (Revell V8 carburetor (not the Han Solo half)) aligned at the lower right corner of the box
    • Ring shaped antenna on top of the box with about 1.5" (38.1mm) in diameter and 0.35" (9mm) depth being cut at the top
  • A black trim is covering the edge of the helmet skirt and forehead of the dome
  • Black Chin strap and chin cup
  • Silver/metallic cylindric spine shaped 'Greeblie' bar in the rear centre of the helmet skirt. The bar is divided in 11 segments with the thicker 6 segments ideally fitting into the 6 depressions of the helmet skirt.

For level two certification (if applicable):
For level three certification (if applicable):

Blankwhite.gif Goggles
For 501st approval:
  • Goggles should have a square-like frame with angled sides and dark green lenses.

For level two certification (if applicable):
For level three certification (if applicable):

Imperial flightsuit grey.jpg Grey Imperial Flight Suit
For 501st approval:
  • One piece light grey coverall/jumpsuit/flight suit with a front invisible zipper.
  • Approximately 1.5" (38.1mm) tall mandarin collar with a chevron shaped, left-over-right velcro closure.
  • A silver or white "imperial cog" emblem on a black background must be present on both shoulders. The cog is 3" or 3.5" in diameter, and 1" from the shoulder seam.
    • If the costume includes armor that covers the cog emblems entirely, they may be omitted.
  • On the left forearm there is a com-pad pocket approximately 5" (127mm) wide by 5.75" (146.05mm) tall with no flap and a 2.25" (57.15mm) window in it. (Size might vary to match your com-pad)
  • On the left bicep, approximately 2" (50.8mm) below the cog emblem, there is a code cylinder pocket with no flap, and vertical stitching dividing it into pen sleeves.
  • The bottom front corner of the pocket is cut off at a bevel on the side pointing in view direction with the broader upside forming the border of the pen sleeves.
  • The right sleeve has a cargo pocket approximateyl 6" (152mm) wide and 5.75" (146mm) on the bicep approx 2"(50.8mm) below the cog emblem. The pocket has a 2"(50.8mm) flap.
  • 2 large chest pockets and 2 large front pockets below the belt without any zipper or flaps
  • 2 leg pockets with flaps similar in proportion as the one on the right arm sleeve. Size may differ. (Usually the width of the front pockets equals the width of the leg pockets)
  • Rank bars of any kind are not permitted.
  • There are no leg pockets below the knees

For level two certification (if applicable):
  • All pocket flaps to have chevron point.
For level three certification (if applicable):
  • Imperial patches on the shoulders shall be printed vinyl rather than embroidered.
  • The suit has a pointed collar in the back.

Generic-commpad.jpg Imperial Communications Pad
For 501st approval:
  • Rectangular communications pad, with buttons and detailing as shown, on a grey or silver background.

For level two certification (if applicable):
  • Compad is not electronically lit.

Costume Accessories
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