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== Imperial Crew ==
== Imperial Crew ==
* [[Costuming:IC_imperial_scanning_crew|Imperial Scanning Crew]]
* [[Costuming:IC_imperial_scanning_crew_green_hat|Imperial Scanning Crew, ESB Bridge Variant]]
* [[Costuming:IC_imperial_bridge_crew|Imperial Bridge Crew]]
* [[Costuming:IC_mechanical_crew|Mechanical Crew]]
== Imperial Navy ==
== Imperial Navy ==
* [[Costuming:IN_imperial_navy_officer|Imperial Navy Officer]]
* [[Costuming:IN_imperial_navy_trooper|Imperial Navy Trooper]]

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Imperial Officer Corps

Imperial-Officer-Corps.png Imperial Officer Corps

Imperial Officers, Imperial Crew, Imperial Navy/Death Star Troopers

CRL Status Key:
CRLcomplete.jpg - CRL is complete.
CRLtextcomplete.jpg - CRL text is complete, some images may be missing.
CRLinprogress.jpg - CRL is a partial work in progress.
CRLstub.jpg - CRL status undefined.

Imperial Officers

CRLinprogress.jpg ID - Armand Isard
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Admiral Daala - Flight Suit
CRLtextcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Admiral Daala - Olive Drab
CRLinprogress.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Director of Intelligence Isard
CRLinprogress.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Grand Admiral Thrawn
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Grand Moff Tarkin
CRLstub.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Imperial Grand Admiral
CRLtextcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Imperial Security Bureau
CRLinprogress.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Juno Eclipse - Dress Uniform
CRLtextcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Juno Eclipse - Rogue Shadow
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Line Officer, (Olive Drab)
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Moff Nyna Calixte
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Staff Officer, (Black)
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Warrant Officer

See also:

Imperial Crew

CRLtextcomplete.jpg IC - Imperial Crew: Bridge Crew
CRLcomplete.jpg IC - Imperial Crew: Mechanical Crew
CRLtextcomplete.jpg IC - Imperial Crew: Scanning Crew

Imperial Navy

CRLtextcomplete.jpg IN - Imperial Navy Trooper
CRLtextcomplete.jpg IN - Imperial Navy Trooper: Dress Uniform

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