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Gammorean Guard
Model None, Photo by None


Description: Gammorean Guard
Prefix: DZ
Detachment: No Detachment Affiliation
Context: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

  • This CRL is a work in progress.
  • As such, this costume must be approved by the Legion Membership Officer, via the appropriate section of the Legion forum.
  • If you have this costume and would like to assist with the completion of this library entry, please contact your detachment leader.
  • Please note that the use of the word "should" below does not indicate that the armor piece is considered open to interpretation. All instances of "should be" and "should have" will be replaced with "is" and "has", as this guide is completed.

Required Costume Components

The following costume components are present and appear as described below.


  • A mostly green rubber mask, with lighter shades around mouth and 'pig snout' suitably shaped and proportioned like the screen used masks. Typically has a 'snot' like sheen in the snout and mouth areas
  • Two bone coloured horns protruding from the head above the eyes and high up on the forehead
  • Two larger outer and 2 smaller inner bone coloured teeth fixed and portruding upwards from the bottom of the mouth
  • A appropriately detailed metallic, looking helmet covering the top of the head with leather detailing on the rear
  • A suede/or suede like flap/scarf that hides the neckline and is attached high and therefore visible in the rear.


  • Suitably shaped and scaled bodysuit/foam or similar to have the look as seen on the screen. The belly are should be significantly larger than the upper torso.
  • Leather or leather like jerkin that covers the upper torso with central circular detail with 'studs'
  • Lower torso that is covered in brown Fur or fur like material. May have a 'nappy' like area made from tan material, tan suede or worn fur in the cod area.
  • Dark brown leather or leather like belt around the waist with large metal round ring located centrally.
  • Dark brown leather or leather like belt crossing the body from shoulder to waist


  • Metalic looking vambraces/arm braces that cover most of the forearm
  • Upper arm close to shoulder with 'T-shirt' like brown sleeves made of suede or suede like material which looks similar to the neck flap.
  • Should pauldrons made of dual metalic looking plates, suitably detailed and with a brown leather/leatherlike fixing strap
  • Green latex covered foam, or similar 'skin', muscular and suitably sized in uncovered areas
  • Large green latex or similar 'hands'


  • Green latex covered foam, or similar 'skin', muscular and suitably sized in uncovered areas
  • Large green latex or similar 'feet'
  • Brown Sandals made from leather/leather like worn on the feet with leather strapping running up the front with extra strapping wrapping around the shin/calf area.
Optional Accessories

Items below are optional costume accessories. These items are not required for approval, but if present appear as described below.


  • Choice of two different styles of axes, spear or rifle similar to the screen used items
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