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First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

For more information on any of these costumes, visit First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

TK anh stunt.jpeg A New Hope, Stunt new_crl.gif

The ANH Stormtrooper is quite possibly one of the most iconic characters in Sci-Fi history. This guide will show you what it takes to be one!

TK anh hero.jpeg A New Hope, Hero new_crl.gif

Also seen in ANH are the "hero" suits -- costumes designed for close up shots, usually worn by the stars of the films.

TK ESB.jpeg The Empire Strikes Back new_crl.gif

The ESB stormtroopers have a black frown, snowtrooper style handplates, and incorporate many other subtle changes from ANH.

style="border:1px solid black;"100px]] Return of the Jedi

The RotJ stormtroopers can be easily identified by the wider black frown with squared off corners and the molded trim around the body. Visit this guide to see more of the differences in the RotJ suit!

style="border:1px solid black;"100px]] Incinerator Trooper

First seen in The Force Unleashed Part 1.

style="border:1px solid black;"100px]] Heavy Weapons Trooper
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