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Costuming Review

The first step in any review is for the member/recruit to submit pictures of the costume to the local GML. The submission should include full body front, back and side photos, and be accompanied by any relevant reference material / documentation.

The GML will then follow the appropriate path below, based on the costume being reviewed.

Established character with a Visual Guide entry

If an approved Visual Guide exists for the submitted costume, it stands as the official reference for 501st review / approval. The GML will compare the project against that guide and either approve the costume or defer it if revisions are required. If the GML has any questions or concerns, he/she can bring the costume to the Costume Advisory Team for assistance.

Please be aware that the visual guide for a given costume may contain notes and requirements unique to the specific character: Body suits, prosthetics, contact lenses, etc... GMLs, please take note of these guidelines on a case by case basis.

Established character without a Visual Guide entry

In the absence of a Visual Guide, the GML will compare the costume against available visual reference. The applicant may be asked to provide the reference materials used when creating the costume. If the GML has any questions or concerns, he/she can bring the costume to the Costume Advisory Team for assistance.

When a visual guide is not available for a costume the GML, Costume Advisory Team and LMO will make a judgement call on the overall costume.

Expanded Universe Character

Due to the complexity and rarity of most Expanded Universe characters, all EU costumes must be screened by the Legion Membership Officers prior to approval. The GML must post the pictures and costumer information to the appropriate section of the GML forum before approving the costumes.

Please note that characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars are NOT considered Expanded Universe (see the Character Approval Statement for an explanation).

New to the Legion Character

New to the Legion is any character (canon or expanded universe) that meets the requirements in the character approval statement but:

  • Has less than 4 approved costumes in the Legion and
  • Has no approved CRL / Visual Guide.

All new to the Legion characters are reviewed by the LMO/Costume Advisory team and the decision is relayed back to the GML.

Once the character type in question has an approved CRL and four approved costumes it will move to GML approval (with the exception of EU, as noted above).

New to the Legion costumers who are approved are encouraged to work with their Detachment Leader to establish a Visual Guide for their costumes.

Additional Notes

The goal of the Legion Membership Officers is to provide a structure for the GMLs to work in that will allow them to make informed decisions about costume approvals that are consistent across the club. We want GMLs to be empowered to make the right choices for their garrison without imposing unnecessary delays.

We strongly encourage GMLs to utilize the Costume Advisory Team sections of the GML forum if there is any question on the status of a costume. It's much better to ask first than regret a decision later! No one person can be expert in every costume type, so please take advantage of the team that has been assembled.

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