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*212th Parjai Trooper
*212th Parjai Trooper
*327 Star Corps Trooper
*[[Costuming:CT_327StarCorpsTrooper|CT - 327 Star Corps Trooper]]
*41st Elite (Corosant Guard grey and white)
*41st Elite (Corosant Guard grey and white)

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Attack of the Clones

Advanced Recon Commando, ARC Trooper

Republic Commandos

  • RC - Delta Squad: Sev
  • RC - Delta Squad: Scorch
  • RC - Delta Squad: Fixer
  • RC - Omega Squad: Fi
  • RC - Omega Squad: Darman
  • RC - Omega Squad: Atin
  • RC - Omega Squad: Niner
  • RC - No Squad Affiliation: Grunt

Revenge of the Sith

  • 212th Parjai Trooper
  • 41st Elite (Corosant Guard grey and white)
  • 501st Trooper
  • ARC 170 Clone Pilot
  • AT-RT Driver
  • Clone Firefighter
  • Comander Thire / Shock Trooper
  • Commander Bacarra
  • Commander Cody
  • Commander Neyo / Salecumi Trooper
  • Galatic Marine
  • Kaskyyyk Troopers
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