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= BH - Bounty Hunter =  
= BH - Bounty Hunter =  
*[[Costuming:BH_4-LOM|BH - 4-LOM]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Aurra_Sing-TPM|BH - Aurra Sing, the Phantom Menace]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Aurra_Sing-Black_EU_bodysuit|BH - Aurra Sing: TBH (Black Bodyuit)]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Boba_Fett-HS-realistic|BH - Boba Fett, Holiday Special, realistic style]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Boba_Fett-PP1|BH - Boba Fett, pre-production version 1]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Boba_Fett-PP2|BH - Boba Fett, pre-production version 2]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Boba_Fett-PP3|BH - Boba Fett, pre-production version 3]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Boba_Fett-ESB|BH - Boba Fett, The Empire Strikes Back]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Boba_Fett-RotJ|BH - Boba Fett, Return of the Jedi]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Boba_Fett-SE|BH - Boba Fett, Special Edition]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Bossk|BH - Bossk]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Boushh|BH - Boushh]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Cad_bane|BH - Cad Bane]]
*[[Costuming:BH_deliah_blue|BH - Deliah Blue]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Dengar|BH - Dengar]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Durge|BH - Durge]]
*[[Costuming:BH_Greedo|BH - Greedo]]
*[[Costuming:BH_jangofett|BH - Jango Fett: AOTC]]
*[[Costuming:BH_jangofett-openseasons|BH - Jango Fett: Open Seasons]]
*[[Costuming:BH_jaster_mereel|BH - Jaster Mereel]]
*[[Costuming:BH_jodo_kast|BH - Jodo Kast]]
*[[Costuming:BH_kal_skirata|BH - Kal Skirata]]
*[[Costuming:BH_pre_vizsla|BH - Pre Vizsla]]
*[[Costuming:BH_rav_bralor|BH - Rav Bralor]]
*[[Costuming:BH_rum_sleg|BH - Rum Sleg]]
*[[Costuming:BH_tobbi_dala|BH - Tobbi Dala]]
*[[Costuming:BH_zam_wesell|BH - Zam Wesell]]
*[[Costuming:BH_zuckuss|BH - Zuckuss]]
= CB: BARC Trooper =  
= CB: BARC Trooper =  

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All Visual Guides

This page lists all characters currently established in our membership database. Not every character here will have an associated visual guide.

Please note that most of these are not yet links to the relevant CRL. To find the CRL, use the detachment specific links available here.

AR: ARC Trooper

CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper (TCW): Blitz
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper (TCW): Colt
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper (TCW): Echo
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper (TCW): Fives
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper (TCW): Hammer
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper (TCW): Havoc
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper: Alpha
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper: Heavy Gunner (Beta)
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper: Null Class
CRLcomplete.jpg AR - ARC Trooper: Standard

BH - Bounty Hunter

CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - 4-LOM
CRLstub.jpg BH - Aurra Sing: Black Bodysuit
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Aurra Sing: The Phantom Menace
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Bo Katan
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Holiday Special, Realistic Style
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Pre-production Prototype
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Pre-production V1
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Pre-production V2
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Pre-production V3
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Return of the Jedi
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Special Edition
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Boba Fett: The Empire Strikes Back
CRLstub.jpg BH - Bossk
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Boushh
CRLstub.jpg BH - Cad Bane
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Cad Bane in Denal Disguise
CRLinprogress.jpg BH - Death Watch: Airborne
CRLstub.jpg BH - Deathwatch Super Commando: Darth Maul Variant
CRLstub.jpg BH - Deathwatch: Darth Maul Grunt
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Deliah Blue
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Dengar
CRLstub.jpg BH - Durge
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Greedo
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Jango Fett: AOTC
CRLstub.jpg BH - Jango Fett: Open Seasons
CRLstub.jpg BH - Jaster Mereel
CRLstub.jpg BH - Jodo Kast
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Kal Skirata
CRLstub.jpg BH - Mandalorian Deathwatch
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Mandalorian Super Commando: Captain
CRLstub.jpg BH - Montross
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Pre Vizsla
CRLstub.jpg BH - Pre Vizsla (CW Season 4)
CRLstub.jpg BH - Rako Hardeen
CRLstub.jpg BH - Rav Bralor
CRLstub.jpg BH - Rum Sleg
CRLstub.jpg BH - Shae Vizla
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Snaggletooth - Zutton
CRLstub.jpg BH - Snoova
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Zam Wesell
CRLstub.jpg BH - Zuckuss

CB: BARC Trooper

CRLstub.jpg CB - Kashyyyk Trooper (white variant)
CRLcomplete.jpg CB - Kaskyyyk Trooper

CC: Clone Commander

CF: Clone Firefighter

CP: Clone Pilot

CT: RotS Clone Trooper

CX: Special Ops Clone Troopers

CRLcomplete.jpg CX - Airborne Trooper, 187th Attack Battalion
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - Airborne Trooper, 212th Parjai Squad
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - Airborne Trooper, 501st
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper (Camo Deco)
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper (White Armor)
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Boil (Camo Deco)
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Sgt. Boomer
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Sgt. Hound
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Waxer (Camo Deco)
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Wiley
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - Utapau Shadow Trooper

DZ: Denizen

CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - A'Sharad Hett
CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - Arica: Blue Dancer Disguise
CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - Arica: Bodysuit
CRLtextcomplete.jpg DZ - Eleena Daru
CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - Guri
CRLtextcomplete.jpg DZ - Prince Xizor
CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - Sinya

CRLtextcomplete.jpg DZ - Gamorrean Guard
CRLinprogress.jpg DZ - Garindan
CRLtextcomplete.jpg DZ - Jawa
CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - Malakili (Rancor Keeper)
CRLinprogress.jpg DZ - Ponda Baba
CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - Tonnika Sisters (blue)
CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - Tonnika Sisters (green)
CRLcomplete.jpg DZ - Tusken Raider: ANH (male)
CRLtextcomplete.jpg DZ - Tusken Raider: AOTC (female)
CRLtextcomplete.jpg DZ - Tusken Raider: AOTC (male)

GM: Galactic Marine

IC: Imperial Crew

CRLcomplete.jpg IC - Imperial Crew: Bridge Crew
CRLcomplete.jpg IC - Imperial Crew: Mechanical Crew
CRLcomplete.jpg IC - Imperial Crew: Scanning Crew

ID: Imperial Officer

CRLstub.jpg [[|ID - Agent Kallus]]
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Armand Isard
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Admiral Daala - Flight Suit
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Admiral Daala - Olive Drab
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Director of Intelligence Isard
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Grand Admiral Thrawn
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Grand Moff Tarkin
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Imperial Grand Admiral
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Imperial Security Bureau
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Juno Eclipse - Dress Uniform
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Juno Eclipse - Rogue Shadow
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Line Officer, (Olive Drab)
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Moff Nyna Calixte
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Staff Officer, (Black)
CRLcomplete.jpg ID - Imperial Officer: Warrant Officer

IG: Imperial Gunner

IN: Imperial Navy

CRLcomplete.jpg IN - Imperial Navy Trooper
CRLcomplete.jpg IN - Imperial Navy Trooper: Dress Uniform

IS: AT-ST Driver

CRLcomplete.jpg IS - AT-ST Driver

RC: Republic Commando

CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Atin
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Boss
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Darman
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Fi
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Fixer
CRLstub.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Gregor
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Grunt
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Niner
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Scorch
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Sev

SL: Sith Lords

TA: AT-AT Driver

CRLcomplete.jpg TA - AT-AT Commander
CRLcomplete.jpg TA - AT-AT Driver
CRLcomplete.jpg TA - Imperial Combat Driver
CRLcomplete.jpg TA - Imperial Troop Transport Driver

TB: Scout Trooper

CRLcomplete.jpg TB - Biker Scout

TC: Clone Trooper

TD: Sandtrooper

CRLcomplete.jpg TD - Sandtrooper

TI: TIE Pilot

CRLcomplete.jpg TI - TIE Pilot: 181st
CRLcomplete.jpg TI - TIE Pilot: 181st Fighter Wing, Dress Uniform
CRLcomplete.jpg TI - TIE Pilot: ANH
CRLinprogress.jpg TI - TIE Pilot: Baron Fel
CRLcomplete.jpg TI - TIE Pilot: Reserve Pilot
CRLcomplete.jpg TI - TIE Pilot: RotJ

TK: Stormtrooper

CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: ANH Hero
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: Commander
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: Concept Armor
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: Death Trooper
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: ESB
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: First Order
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: Heavy Weapons Trooper
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: Incinerator Trooper
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: Legacy Era Female
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: ROTJ
CRLcomplete.jpg TK - Stormtrooper: Sky Trooper

TR: Royal Guard

TS: Snowtrooper

CRLcomplete.jpg TS - Snow Scout
CRLcomplete.jpg TS - Snowtrooper
CRLcomplete.jpg TS - Snowtrooper Commander

TX: Special Operations

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