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= CX: Special Ops Clone Troopers =  
= CX: Special Ops Clone Troopers =  
* [[Costuming:CX_CW-animated_ARF|CX - ARF Trooper]]
* [[Costuming:CX_CW-animated_ARF-camo|CX - ARF Trooper (Camo Deco)]]
* [[Costuming:CX_CW-animated_ARF-boil|CX - ARF Trooper Boil (Camo Deco)]]
* [[Costuming:CX_CW-animated_ARF-boomer|CX - ARF Trooper Boomer]]
* [[Costuming:CX_CW-animated_ARF-waxer|CX - ARF Trooper Waxer (Camo Deco)]]
* [[Costuming:CX_at_rt_driver|CX - AT-RT Drivers (ROTS)]]
* [[Costuming:CX_212th_parjai|CX - 212th Parjai Squad (Airborne Trooper, ROTS)]]
* [[Costuming:CX_212thUtapauShadowCloneTrooper|CX - Utapau Shadow Trooper]]
= DZ: Denizen =  
= DZ: Denizen =  

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All Visual Guides

This page lists all characters currently established in our membership database. Not every character here will have an associated visual guide.

Please note that most of these are not yet links to the relevant CRL. To find the CRL, use the detachment specific links available here.

AR: ARC Trooper

BH - Bounty Hunter

CB: BARC Trooper

CC: Clone Commander

CF: Clone Firefighter

CP: Clone Pilot

CT: RotS Clone Trooper

CX: Special Ops Clone Troopers

CRLcomplete.jpg CX - Airborne Trooper, 187th Attack Battalion
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - Airborne Trooper, 212th Parjai Squad
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - Airborne Trooper, 501st
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper (Camo Deco)
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper (White Armor)
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Boil (Camo Deco)
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Sgt. Boomer
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Sgt. Hound
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Waxer (Camo Deco)
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - ARF Trooper: Wiley
CRLcomplete.jpg CX - Utapau Shadow Trooper

DZ: Denizen

GM: Galactic Marine

IC: Imperial Crew

ID: Imperial Officer

IG: Imperial Gunner

IN: Imperial Navy

IS: AT-ST Driver

RC: Republic Commando

CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Atin
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Boss
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Darman
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Fi
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Fixer
CRLstub.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Gregor
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Grunt
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Niner
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Scorch
CRLcomplete.jpg RC - Republic Commando: Sev

SL: Sith Lords

TA: AT-AT Driver

TB: Scout Trooper

TC: Clone Trooper

TD: Sandtrooper

TI: TIE Pilot

TK: Stormtrooper

TR: Royal Guard

TS: Snowtrooper

TX: Special Operations

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