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= Bounty Hunter's Guild =  
= Bounty Hunter's Guild =  
For more information on any of these costumes, visit {{#deturl:1105}}
|style="border:1px solid black;"|[[File:BH_AOTC_Jango_Fett.jpg|100px]]
|valign="top"|[[Costuming:BH_jangofett|Jango Fett]] '''DRAFT CRL'''
Jango Fett is the genetic "father" to Boba Fett and all of the clone troopers.

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Bounty Hunter's Guild

Bounty-Hunters-Guild.png Bounty Hunters Guild

Bounty Hunters

CRL Status Key:
CRLcomplete.jpg - CRL is complete.
CRLtextcomplete.jpg - CRL text is complete, some images may be missing.
CRLinprogress.jpg - CRL is a partial work in progress.
CRLstub.jpg - CRL status undefined.

CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - 4-LOM
CRLstub.jpg BH - Aurra Sing: Black Bodysuit
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Aurra Sing: The Phantom Menace
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Bo Katan
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Holiday Special, Realistic Style
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Pre-production Prototype
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Pre-production V1
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Pre-production V2
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Pre-production V3
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Return of the Jedi
CRLstub.jpg BH - Boba Fett: Special Edition
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Boba Fett: The Empire Strikes Back
CRLstub.jpg BH - Bossk
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Boushh
CRLstub.jpg BH - Cad Bane
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Cad Bane in Denal Disguise
CRLinprogress.jpg BH - Death Watch: Airborne
CRLstub.jpg BH - Deathwatch Super Commando: Darth Maul Variant
CRLstub.jpg BH - Deathwatch: Darth Maul Grunt
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Deliah Blue
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Dengar
CRLstub.jpg BH - Durge
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Greedo
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Jango Fett: AOTC
CRLstub.jpg BH - Jango Fett: Open Seasons
CRLstub.jpg BH - Jaster Mereel
CRLstub.jpg BH - Jodo Kast
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Kal Skirata
CRLstub.jpg BH - Mandalorian Deathwatch
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Mandalorian Super Commando: Captain
CRLstub.jpg BH - Montross
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Pre Vizsla
CRLstub.jpg BH - Pre Vizsla (CW Season 4)
CRLstub.jpg BH - Rako Hardeen
CRLstub.jpg BH - Rav Bralor
CRLstub.jpg BH - Rum Sleg
CRLstub.jpg BH - Shae Vizla
CRLcomplete.jpg BH - Snaggletooth - Zutton
CRLstub.jpg BH - Snoova
CRLtextcomplete.jpg BH - Zam Wesell
CRLstub.jpg BH - Zuckuss

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