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Clone Trooper (ROTS) of the 501st
179 Members featured in the Gallery.
218 Clone Trooper (ROTS) Members currently in service.
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CT 16749
Steve J Mehrl

Florida Garrison
CT 18693
Lukas  Hausmann

German Garrison
CT 18972
Marco  Silva

Outpost Venezuela
CT 19762
Ian  Sandall

Central Garrison
CT 20421
Jason B Hill

Carolina Garrison
CT 21214
Dillon L Faulkner

Star Garrison
CT 21309
Alejandro   Sanchez Salinas

Skull Garrison
CT 25190
vander  willly

Brazil: Novo Império
CT 30000
Edwin  Fabian

California: Golden Gate Garrison
CT 31174
Caleb A Boullianne

Garrison Carida
CT 31337
Thomas C Bower

Midsouth Garrison
CT 41911
Ernie M Flores

California: Southern California Garrison
CT 46192
James J Bavaro

New York: Empire City Garrison
CT 49876
Tony  Cooper

Terror Australis Garrison
CT 52705
William  Collison

Great Lakes Garrison
CT 55527
Classified information (private)

Hungarian Garrison
CT 57121
Eric M Vietti

Midwest Garrison
CT 60396
Jason S Whitenight

Bloodfin Garrison
CT 64311
Classified information (private)

Macau Outpost
CT 70850
Charles  McNamara

Old Line Garrison
CT 73012
Jeff R Miller

Nordic Garrison
CT 73313
Steven M McManus

Midsouth Garrison
CT 75608
Dino  Hammerhofer

German Garrison
CT 77117
Kris  Joosten

Canada: Badlands Garrison
CT 77482
Jake  Barnes

Georgia Garrison
CT 86952
michael t montgomery

Florida Garrison
CT 90674
Mark  Morey

Garrison Carida
CT 93264
Sascha  Scarlatescu

German Garrison
CT 99997
Vinícius L Leomil

Brazil: Novo Império

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