Nov 2014

501st Mission Spotlight: Crocus Expo, Moscow
by Fleetfang on Sun Nov 02, 2014 11:25 pm

From October 2nd to the 5th, the Legion's Russian Outpost had their biggest event of this year - the first true Russian Comic Con ever! Members of the RO had dreamed about just such an event for years, and those dreams finally came true. Disney's Russia Team invited the 501st Legion to be a part of the official Star Wars booth at the Crocus Expo in Moscow!

Nearly every Russian 501st and RL trooper were mobilized, including cadets and supporters. They were even joined by friends from the Nordic Garrison (TK-15136, TK-6528, SL-150 and his brother Thomas) and UK Garrison (ID-5701 and TB-15604)! The Russian Outpost worked closely with the Disney staff and Mary Franklin from Lucasfilm on the schedule and collaborated with them to take the Star Wars booth from concept to reality. And what was truly awesome was that Mary arrived to Russia and spent all these days with our troopers!

Members of the Russian Outpost arrived a few days before the event and helped Disney finish assembling the booth display. They built an outstanding prop area with the speeder bike and Endor bunker. The Outpost's Captain of the Guard, Andrew, provided Disney with various action figures and collectables so they could make a nice display of Star Wars merchandise. And for four days our troopers worked hard at the booth, bringing to life the awesome props and exhibitions made by Disney.

During the convention, the Outpost organized a 501st bash, which was dedicated to the Russian Outpost's second birthday (which was actually October 19th, but it was decided to celebrate a little early)! Mary Franklin joined us at the party, and everyone had awesome night, enjoying a big cake bearing the Russian Outpost logo accompanied by a bunch of small Rebel Legion cupcakes.

For the visiting Nordic and UK friends, it was their first time in Russia, so the hosting troopers prepared some nice gifts for them... and for Mary, as well! During the event they presented her with a very special gift - a Boba Fett helmet painted with Russian national ornamentation.

Members of the Russian Outpost were very grateful to Disney Russia for this opportunity to feel like a real part of Star Wars, and they hope that the next Comic Con more troopers from other Garrisons will join them!

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