SL vader1 anhesb buckle.jpg Belt Buckle
For 501st approval:
  • The base layer of the buckle is black and rectangular.
  • The second layer is silver and in the shape of a "D."
  • There are five thin progressively smaller squared edge cutouts (the smallest is a circle) in a triangular formation on the wearer's right.
  • The top layer of the buckle consists of a silver circle located on the center of the arc of the "D."
  • Version comparison and details.
  • Allowed (but not recommended): The thin cutouts on the second layer of the buckle may have rounded edges. The smallest cutout may be a circle. View
For Advanced Status certification (mandatory upgrade):
  • The base layer of the buckle should not be gloss black.
  • The cutouts should not be of uniform width, nor should they be spaced uniformly from each other.
For Advanced Status certification (optional upgrade):
  • The second layer (the "D") is mounted askew - the wearer's left side is lower than the wearer's right.
  • Additional Note: The buckle in the film was metal and weathered.
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