AR: ARC Trooper

ARC Trooper, Alpha ARC, Null ARC, etc...

BH: Bounty Hunter

Jango Fett, Boba Fett, Zam Wesell etc...

CB: BARC Trooper

Kaskyyyk Trooper & Saleucami Trooper

CC: Clone Commander

Rex, Bly, Cody, Fox, etc...

CF: Clone Firefighter

CP: Clone Pilot

CT: Clone Trooper (ROTS)

327th Star Corps, 501st Vader's Fist, Shock Trooper etc...

CX: Specialty Clone

Parjai Troopers ("Beehive" helmet), Utapau Shadow Trooper, AT-RT Drivers

DZ: Denizen of the Empire

Tusken Raider, Jawa, Prince Xizor, etc...

IC: Imperial Crew

Technican, Deck Crew, Bridge Crew

IG: Imperial Gunner

ID: Imperial Officer

Grand Admiral Thrawn, Admiral Daala, Line Officer, Grey, etc...

IN: Imperial Navy Trooper

Trooper, Officer

IS: AT-ST Driver

RC: Republic Commando

Boss, Fixer, Sev, etc...

SL: Sith Lord

Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul etc..

TA: AT-AT Driver

TB: Biker Scout

TC: Clone Trooper (AOTC)

Soldier, Lieutenant, etc...

TI: TIE Pilot

TIE Pilot, 181st (Baron Fel)

TK: Stormtrooper

Stormtrooper Commander, Trooper, Heavy Weapons Trooper etc...

TK Visual Guides

TR: Royal Guard

Royal Guard, Emperor's Shadow Guard, etc...

TS: Snowtrooper

Snowtrooper, Snowtrooper Commander

TX: Special Operations

Black Hole's Trooper, Lumiya's Trooper, Shadow Biker Scout etc...

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