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Model: TR 6771 Photo by: Fredrik Axelsson

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Description: Royal Guard ROTJ
Prefix: TR
Detachment: Sovereign Protectors Detachment
Context: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Culled from the best of the best, these brave servants move silently and swiftly to meet any challenge to the safety of the Emperor. In galaxy dominated by the blaster the choice of the force pike as their primary weapon is a declaration of the prowess of the Royal Guard.

Costume components:


1. Helmet: Finished in a crimson gloss to match the outer robes. The visor is fitted with a smoke-tinted visor that allows for maximum visibility while obscuring the wearers features.

outer robe 2. Outer Robe: The outer shell is constructed of crimson red velvet or velveteen. The lining is burgundy or dark purple velvet or velveteen. When closed, the outer robe covers the front and back of the wearer. There is a single arm opening in the front to the right. This opening is obscured by the overlapping edges of the robe.

Inner Robe 3. Inner Robe: Burgundy or dark purple cloth thawb, hemmed slightly shorter than the outer cloak.


4. Sash: An Obi-style waist sash, approximately 3–4 inches (7.62–10.16cm) made of the same color/material as the wearer's inner robe, Worn over the inner robe.


5. Gloves: Burgundy or dark purple cloth or suede gloves with no extraneous straps, buckles or ornamental stitching. The gloves are to cover the wearer's wrists.

boots 6. Boots: Crimson red suede boots, pointed toe, with a relatively conservative heel. There are no visible straps, buckles, or ornamental stitching. The boots cover the wearer's ankles.

Costume accessories:
Force Pike 7. Force Pike: Four foot (122cm) minimum length, composed of either wood or metal. The silver bodied force pike consists of a black pommel, two hand grips at the base, the shaft, and emitter tip.

DH-17 Blaster 8. DH-17 Blaster: Scratch built or high-end prop replica.

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