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Model: TK-4625, Photo by: Mason Carson

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Description: Incinerator Trooper
Prefix: TK
Detachment: First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment
Context: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
The Imperial Incinerator Trooper is an elite unit specially equipped for crowd pacification. Easily distinguished by the red flash on their armour, Incinerator Troopers carry flamethrowers to disperse unruly populations and overwhelm troublesome combatants.

Costume components:


01. Helmet:

White fiberglass, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), or HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). The ANH Stunt helmet is distinguished by the following details:
  • Traps (trapezoids on dome of helmet) and tears (area beneath the corners of eye lenses) are gray.
  • Rear traps and tears have vertical black lines.
  • Lenses are a flat green sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes.
  • The gray "ear" bars have four bumps, with a black outline.
  • Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. Eight total teeth on the frown are cut out.
  • Tube stripes are medium blue, numbering between 9 and 15 per side with the curve bends extending backwards.
  • Vocoder (vertically ribbed chin detail) is painted black
  • Aerators (cylinders on either side of the vocoder) are black.
  • Flash detail is painted on starting from the back of the dome, over the head, and on to the bottom of the face.
Note: While the FX helmet is considered to be deprecated (to be avoided) it is acceptable for Legion acceptance.

Neck Seal

02. Neck Seal: Black with horizontal ribs, fitted to the wearer, and extending from the base of the neck to the top of the Adam's apple.

Shoulder Straps

03. Shoulder Straps: Securely mounted in front and free floating in the back.

Shoulder Bells

04. Shoulder Bells: One on each shoulder with little or no overlap of the bicep armor. The shoulder bells are considered effectively symmetrical; they may worn interchangeably on the left and right shoulders. Flash detail is painted along the outside edge of the bell.


05. Biceps: Biceps are fully closed. Flash detail is painted on the form of two red vertical stripes, (one to the front and one facing the back.)


06. Forearms: Forearms are fully closed. Flash detail is painted on the form of of two vertical stripes running the length of the arm, (along the top and outside of the forearm.)

Hand Plates

07. Hand Plates: Roughly pentagonal in shape, the hand plates are mounted securely over the back of the glove. As an alternative to plastic, these may be made out of latex or latext-like material.


08. Gloves: Black rubber, nomex, leather, or leather-like material, with no visible straps or logos. The fingers ar enclosed, non-textured.


09. Chest: Chest plate overlaps the abdominal plate, with a molded lip around the outside edges. Flash detail is painted on the form of an inverted "T".


10. Back: Back plate contains a "O II" design with little or no overlap of the kidney plate, with a molded lip around the outside edges.


11. Undersuit: Black non-textured material, either one-piece or two-piece construction with no visible zippers or logos.

Ab Plate

12. Ab Plate: The ab plate has a button area that matches the color pattern shown (3 blue + 6 black); buttons are approximately 7/16" in diameter and inverted compared to what is seen in A New Hope, and has a a molded lip around the outside edges. There may be a gap between the sides of the ab plate and the lower back plate.

Lower Back Plate

13. Lower Back Plate: The back plate is a single piece instead of a separate kidney and butt plate, with a molded lip around the edges. The top of the back plate should align with the bottom of the back plate.


14. Belt:

The belt consists of three parts:
  1. Belt face is made of plastic (TK ammo belt). There should be three square buttons, one centered in the middle and one on each end.
  2. Belt proper is made of canvas, canvas covered material, leather, or vinyl, 2.5” wide. The color is be white.
  3. The drop boxes dangle from the sides of the plastic front belt via white straps and are aligned under the plastic tabs of the ammo belt. They should be painted the same gray that is used on the thermal detonator.

Thermal Detonator

15. Thermal Detonator: (a.k.a. O2 canister) attaches to the back of the belt. This is a gray cylinder 2 to 2.5" in diameter with white end caps and a white control panel pad, with controls closest to the right end cap.


16. Thighs: The thigh armour is closed in the back. The ammo belt is installed on the bottom of the right thigh. Flash detail is painted on along the top of each thigh.

Lower legs

17. Lower legs: Greaves close in the back. The trapezoid knee plate is affixed to the left greave.
Note: Diamond knee plates or the absence of a knee plate is not canon approvable. Flash detail is painted on the form of along the bottom of each greave.


18. Boots: White leather or leather-like, above ankle height, with a flat sole, and small U-shaped elastic sections on both sides of the ankle with no buckles or laces. Jodhpur-type boots or an equivalent style.
Note: Elvis or Mariachi boots are not not canon approvable.


19. Pauldron: A red neck ornament made of leather or a leather-like material, worn over the right shoulder.


20. Ammo Pouch: Black leather or leather-like German MP-40 style ammo pouches. Worn on the left shoulder.


21. Holster: Made of black leather or leather-like material, worn on the right and affixed via one or two white rivets behind the belt. A holster may be omitted as desired.

Costume Accessories:


22. Flamethrower: The flamethrower may be scratch built and based off of the images used in the video game. It should have a rifle body with a plasma bottle on the right side, plus a scope.

BlasTech E-11 Blaster

23. BlasTech E-11 Blaster: Based on a real or replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster.


24. SE-14R: The SE-14R blaster may be used in lieu of an E-11 or flamethrower, and should have a correct scope if carried in lieu of the E-11 for informal events.

Construction Notes:

Helmet Details

25. Helmet Details:

Precise Incinerator Trooper helmet details include:
  • Flat green lenses.
  • Ears should have three screws used per side, one above and below the ear bar and one at the base of the helmet.
  • Ear bars should have four bumps only, not three.
  • Correct 'hovi mic' aerator tips.

Armor Details

26. Armor Details:

  • Shoulder straps should not be attached with rivets, and should be securely fastened in the back.
  • Shoulder straps should not have a flat end at the ends of them, they should be entirely ribbed.
  • Shoulder bells are rounded at the corners.
  • There should be no visible straps that secure the shoulder bells around the the biceps.
  • Thermal detonator should be attached via metal clips approximately 1 inch wide, and should be all gray without silver stickers or silver paint.
  • Belt drop boxes should be closed in back.
  • Belt should be canvas or canvas covered instead of leather or vinyl.
  • The cod may be separated from the rest of the ab plate, but this cut line should not be visible from the front.
  • A holster may be omitted from this costume.

E-11 Blaster Details

27. E-11 Blaster Details: As this costume is from the Expanded Universe, it may correctly use any of the E-11 model types as specified in the ANH, ESB, or ROTJ CRL's.

*Some costumes sold as licensed costumes may require modifications for approval into the 501st Legion. Please see the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment for rules on modification of these costumes.

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