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Episode II Count Dooku  full image

Model: SL-6426, Photo by: Michal Zolynski

Sith Lord Detachment 

Description: Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku: ROTS
Prefix: SL
Detachment: Sith Lord Detachment
See also: Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku: AOTC
Context: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
The leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Sith apprentice to Darth Sidious. The waning power of the CIS is reflected in the fading colours of this Sith Lord's attire.

Costume components:

Count Dooku Episode II Hair Reference 1. Hair: The hair is not parted. It is combed straight back from a slight widow's peak at the front. At the sides, the hair curves around until it is parallel with the sideburns. In the back, the hair is off of the neck. Hair should be colored or dyed white.

Count Dooku Episode II Beard Reference 2. Beard/Mustache: You can either use your own facial hair, or high quality costuming facial hair. The moustache covers the area between the nose and lips, then tapers off past the edge of the lips and joins into the beard. Beard is trimmed closely to the chin and side of the face. It tapers slightly as it goes up the sides of the face until it meets the sideburns. Facial hair should be colored or dyed white.

Count Dooku Episode 2 Cloak
3. Cape: Medium brown, non-glossy fabric. The cloak is fully lined with a satin-weave material. It falls from the shoulders to just above the ankles. The upper portion of the cloak has front and back yolks with vertical lightly padded quilt lines. These run from the front to the back of the cloak at armpit level vertically, with one from the neck to the shoulder horizontally. The back of the cloak collar sits slightly higher than the tunic collar in the back

Count Dooku Cape Chain and Clasp Image

4. Cape Clasps: Two silver-colored round "Victorian" style brooches, 2–3" in diameter (measurement given for proportional dimensions only). These can be made from metal pins, or metallic spray-painted wood, resin, or plastic.

5. Cape Chain: Silver metallic chain with oval-shaped links. It hangs flat and horizontally across the upper chest, and is fastened by the clasps just below the collarbone.

Count Dooku Tunic Image

6. Tunic: Dark Brown officer-style tunic. Non-glossy medium weight fabric. Collar stands up ~1.5–2". Slight diagonal line closure from the outer edge of the left shoulder to the waist; below the waist it is vertical. The bottom of the tunic should fall 4–5" below the waist (measurements given for proportional dimensions only).

Count Dooku Belt Image 7. Belt: The base belt is brown leather, 2" wide (measurement given for proportional dimensions only) and has two "buckles", one on each side. Each buckle is made of brown leather, and is slightly wider than the belt itself. Belt buckles have 5 horizontal, overlapping leather strips at equal intervals.

Count Dooku Pants Image 8. Pants (Trousers): Dark Brown, officer-style pants or trousers made from the same fabric as the tunic. The pants tuck into the boots. Loose fitting straight legged pants that are bloused at the top of the boots or Jodhpur style pants are also acceptable.

Count Dooku Boots Image 9. Boots: Black lace-less boots with rounded toe that are either leather or leather like material with a medium gloss shine. They should come up to just below knee level.

Costume accessories:

Count Dooku MR Lightsaber 10. Lightsaber: Scratch built or high-end prop replica.

Count Dooku Lightsaber Clip 11. Lightsaber Clip: Covertec clip placed on the belt directly over the left hip.

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