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Model: SL-6426, Photo by: Brian Gibson

Sith Lord Detachment 

Description: Darth Maul: TPM
Prefix: SL
Detachment: Sith Lord Detachment
Context: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
The apprentice of Darth Sidious, this Iridonian Zabrak heralded the return of the Sith in a flash of red and black.

Costume components:

Darth Maul Make-up

1. Horns, Tattoos and Teeth: Darth Maul has ten horns; one on top, seven crowning the head, and one on each temple. Each horn is unique. Coloring of the horns resembles rotting bone.

Shaving the head is recommended but a high quality bald cap may also be employed. The facial paints are red and black with a matte finish and are to be applied in the pattern specific to this Dark Lord.

Teeth are treated as if molted and decayed with black and brown tooth enamels.

Darth Maul Contact Lenses

2. Sith Eyes: The characteristic gaze of one who is given over to the Dark Side is achieved with special effects contact lenses. These lenses are described as a fiery yellow transitioning into a brilliant red.

While considered an essential part of this character, contact lenses are not required for 501st acceptance. All persons wishing to utilize contact lenses are encouraged to first see their optometrist for a fitting.

Darth Maul Inner Tunic 3. Base Tunic: Black linen, silk, or a blend. The collar is ribbed with four quilted lines running around the neck to where the tunic closes in front. The length of the garment extends to just above the knee. The seams on side open at the waist to allow for leg movement.

Darth Maul Outer Tunic

4. Sith Robe: Worn over the base tunic with components of varying length, Darth Maul's Sith Robe is a lightweight black raw silk noile, silk charmeuse, or a fabric with an equivalent appearance.

The one-piece sleeves are eased and tucked at the shoulder seam and bloused to just below the elbow. On the forearm, the sleeve is pleated and quilted in approximately 1 inch sections for a tailored fit to the arm.

As with the base tunic, the robe seams along the side open below the waist. The lower panel formed in back, is cut on a circle ending mid-thigh. The front panels reach to below the knees and are cut straight across the bottom. From the waist in front are two additional narrow panels which fall to further below the knee.

Darth Maul Tabbards

5. Tabards: Worn over the robe and made from the same material (or a heavier) as the robe, the tabards connect and wrap around the neck. The tabards are approximately 5 and one half inch wide and fall to the mid-thigh.

Darth Maul Belt 6. Belt: Black leather or leather-like material constructed in two pieces. The wider belt is 5 inches wide in the center front, tapering to 3 inches at the side/hips. It fastens in the back with Velcro hidden under a square belt keeper of the same material. Over this belt are four, three quarter inch strips which are anchored with black rivets at the side/hips.

Darth Maul Loin Cloth 7. Loin Cloth: Attached under the belt, the loin cloth is composed of the same material as the robe. This hanging is centred under the belt and tapers outward with a slight bow long the bottom edge. The loin cloth ends just below the knees.

Darth Maul Gloves 8. Gloves: Made of black leather or leather-like material in a matte finish. They are devoid of any distinctive stitching. The cuff should extend to approximately the middle of the forearm in a gauntlet style.

Darth Maul Trousers 9. Trousers: The trousers are made from a black fabric similar to that of the inner tunic. They should be baggy to allow for blousing above the knees.

Darth Maul Boots 10. Boots: Actual model is the Frank Thomas Titan Touring Boot 101. A similar Frank Thomas model (Voyager or Apollo) or custom boot is also acceptable.

Costume accessories:

Darth Maul Earring 11. Ear Stud: A small, silver, ball-stud earring is worn in the upper part of the left ear. Magnetic ball-studs are acceptable.

Darh Maul Hooded Robe 12. Hooded Robe: The hood, yoke, and sleeves are made of black wool or an equivalent fabric. The body of the robe can be of black silk, linen, cotton or a comparable fabric in weave, weight and appearance. The hood is large and falls down the back without coming to a point. Belled sleeves end at the elbows. In front, the yoke angles down from the shoulders, coming to a point at the bottom of the sternum. The robe body is pleated in a sunray pattern (i.e. the pleats become narrower at the top than the bottom), and falls to within 1 inch of the floor. The pleats are ironed, not sewn in place.

Darth Maul MR Lightsaber 13. Dual-bladed lightsaber: Scratch built or high-end prop replica.

Darth Maul MR Lightsaber 14. Lightsaber Clip: Covertec clip worn on the belt directly over the right hip.

Darh Maul Hooded Robe 15. Electro binoculars:

Darh Maul Hooded Robe 16. Wrist Comm link/Control Bracelet:

*Some licensed costumes may require modifications for 501st Legion approval. Please visit the Sith Lord Detachment for guidelines on the modification of these products.

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