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Model: SL-4231 Photo by: Carol Semenchuk

Sith Lord Detachment 

Description: Darth Vader: ROTJ
Prefix: SL
Detachment: Sith Lord Detachment
See also: Darth Vader: ANH, Darth Vader: ESB
Context: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
With his Dark Armour repaired and upgraded, Darth Vader calls out to his son to fulfill their destiny. In the process, the Dark Lord will encounter his chance at redemption.

Costume components:

Helmet 1. Helmet: The helmet is black, with a gloss finish. The front of the dome area culminates in an abrupt, blunted point centered between the eyes of the mask.

Face Mask 2. Face Mask: The face mask is painted in an alternating pattern of gloss black and gun metal grey. Lenses should be convex and tinted (dark smoke gray or bronze hue.) The chin vent is triangular and backed with a diamond-shaped grill. The mesh behind the chin and mouth grill openings is black. Additional screen backing may be used to conceal the wearer’s face. No skin should show under the helmet and mask. The tusks are pointed are made metal or other material painted to appear as aluminum.


Cloak Chain

3. Cloak: Black, three-quarter circle, floor length in a wool or wool equivalent and lined with satin. The collar is black leather or leather-like material between one to one and half inches wide. An oblong-linked chain holds the cape closed. A two inch hem strip lines the bottom edge of the cape, alternatively, the lining of the cape may hang two inches below the bottom edge of the outer fabric of the cape.


4. Gloves: Black leather or leather-like material, mid-forearm in length. The upper surface is quilted in lines running parallel with the arm.


Chest Armor

5. Chest Armor: The chest armor is painted in alternating satin gun metal grey and black, with the center most raised section being in the gun metal grey. The shoulder bells are solid black. The bells are attached by black leather or webbing straps. The cape chain and catch are not visible. A cloak hook is used to hold the cloak in place.


Chest Box

6. Chest Box: Square, black and worn below the chest armor. The straps are worn over the bodysuit and under the chest armor and surcoat, and are attached at the top and sides.

On the face of the chest box are three coin slots (on wearer’s right), two silver bars to each side (each secured at the top with a black holder and at the bottom by a gold finned holder), and a blue (upper) and red (lower) square colored panels. The colored panels and coin slots are above four rocker switches that are (wearer’s right to left) three grey, and one red (leftmost). The area at the outermost of the rocker switches and above the red colored panels are three metallic slide switches.. Aurabesh text appears below each of the coin slots.

Bodysuit Top

7. Bodysuit Top: Form fitting black leather or leather-like material, and with quilt lines one inch apart running vertically down the torso and arms. While a two piece (top and pant) body suit is recommended for mobility, a one piece body suit is acceptable. For comfort and heat dispersal an open mesh back is recommended.

Belt and Belt BoxesBelt BuckleLightsaber hook 8. Belt & Belt Boxes: Black leather belt, two to two and one half inch wide, composed of a buckle, two boxes, and light saber hook. The buckle is black long, narrow and rectangular. It has overlying silver “D” with five slots in a triangular pattern on the wearer’s right and a raised silver circle to the wearer’s left. The belt boxes mirror image one another. From the center outwards, each has two green square light panels above a rectangular strip of inset hose, a small red light, and six silver posts/ knobs in two vertical columns of three. The green rectangular lights should not be faceted and have a smooth green opaque glow. The red light may appear in a metal mounting device slightly larger than the light itself. The red light is smaller than the red light seen on the ANH belt boxes. All lights are constantly lit. Boxes should be placed centered vertically on the belt about one to two inches on each side of the buckle plate to maintain proper aspect to the movie placement. The lightsaber hook is silver, held to the belt by two/four silver rivets, and on the wearer’s left hip.

Bodysuit Pants 9. Surcoat: Black wool or fabric with an equivalent appearance and weight. It open at the side seams from the waist to the floor and is gathered in three pleats which run one each side from just below the chest armor to the waist. Surcoat should be ankle length, and is worn over the codpiece, and under the chest armor and belt.

Codpiece 10. Codpiece: A padded-construction, the codpiece is faced in black leather or leather-like material. The cod covers the front of the body and extends to the hips. The rectangular inset at its center is edged with rolled piping. The corners of the rectangular inset should be slightly rounded. The codpiece is worn over the bodysuit, but under the belt and surcoat.

Bodysuit Pants 11. Bodysuit Pants: Form fitting black leather or leather-like material, and with quilt lines one inch apart running vertically down the legs. While a two-piece (top and pant) body suit is recommended for mobility, a one-piece body suit is also acceptable.

Shin Guards 12. Shin Guards: Black gloss, covering the leg from the ankle to knee joint. Knee is shaped like a diamond, with 6 small square details just under it. A long swoop or U shaped cut out is seen extending from mid shin to ankle.

Boots 13. Boots: Black lace-less boots with rounded toe that are either leather or leather-like material with a medium gloss shine. They should come up to just below knee level.

Costume accessories:

ROTJ Vader Lightsaber 14. Lightsaber: Scratch built or high-end prop replica. (Scratch-built is based on the MPP Microflash or the Heiland Synchronar 3-Cell flash handle.)

Belt and Belt Boxes 15. Belt and Belt Boxes: A silver/bare metal button or stud may be located to the left (wearer’s left) of the buckle, on the centerline of the belt, slightly closer to the buckle than the belt box.

*Some licensed costumes may require modifications for 501st Legion approval. Please visit the Sith Lord Detachment for guidelines on the modification of these products.

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