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Model: SL-9820 (Front) SL-7061 (Back)

Sith Lord Detachment 

Description: Pre Armor Darth Vader: ROTS
Prefix: SL
Detachment: Sith Lord Detachment
Context: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Blinded by passion and seduced by power, this once nobel Jedi Knight tumbles ever downward into Dark Side of the Force. However far, however long, even this fall can blaze a path to redemption.

Costume components:

Hair 1. Hair style: A long brown-haired shag/modified Alexander-the-Great cut. To be achieved with the individual's own hair or high quality wig appliance.

Make Up

2. Scar and complexion: There is a lightsaber scar running starting in the middle of the right temple down across the eye brow, skipping before terminating just below the corner of the right eye. This can be achieved through prosthetics/make up or gelatin applied in coats.

The areas under both eyes are lightly darkened. This may be achieved by blending brown and red facial paints or similar product.

Sith Contact Lenses

3. Sith Eyes: The characteristic gaze of one who is given over to the Dark Side is achieved with special effects contact lenses. These lenses are described as a fiery yellow transitioning into a brilliant red.

While considered an essential part of this character, contact lenses are not required for 501st acceptance. All persons wishing to utilize contact lenses are encouraged to first see their optometrist for a fitting.

Inner Tunic

4. Inner Tunic: This is only visible at the neckline and wrists. The original material is a dark brown silk in an irregular weave which gives it a wave-like texture. Overall the color is closest to DMC floss 3371, with the raised portions of the weave being slightly washed / bleached out. Fabrics that approximate the same color and texture are acceptable. The tunic is in a karate gi or kimono style, with a folded edging/facing along the front opening. The cuff/wrist area is fairly tight to the skin. It is not visible below the hemline of the outer tunic, and is hip length.

Outer Tunic

5. Outer Tunic: Dark brown, open waffle/crinkle weave using heavy cotton. For the facing/edging strip, the texture (linear folds) run parallel with the edge of the front; on the sleeves these run vertically from shoulder to wrist; and on the front and back of the tunic they are vertical with the torso. The sleeves are inset and gathered at the top, and the right sleeve is tucked into the top of the glove. They are larger at the wrists than for the under tunic. The outer tunic ends mid-thigh. There is a waist seam, and the facing/edging strip ends at the waistline.

Cloth Tabards

6. Cloth Tabards: In the same dark brown material as the outer tunic, with the texture running vertically. These are the same length as the outer tunic. In the front, there is a waist seam; in back, the cloth tabards end at the waist.

Leather Tabards 7. Leather Tabards: The cut is simple, with a shoulder seam and waist seam. The tabards are backed (lined) with the same material. Color is a dark brown. The tabard is fine grained sheepskin leather, Sheepskin,  fine grained cowhide leather or other material with the same appearance and texture. The tabards are approximately 3 inches longer than the outer tunic.

Glove 8. Glove: Dark brown leather, sheepskin or other material of the same texture and appearance, with three silver buckles up the arm. Raised ribbing runs across the back of the hand and between the straps and buckles.

Obi 9. Obi: Made from the same material as the outer tunic. The texture is on a diagonal, not running horizontally.

BeltBelt PouchesFood PelletsCovertec Clip 10. Belt: Two layers of leather or other material with the same thickness, appearance and texture, one wider (2 1/4" wide) than the other which rests on top (3/4" wide). Both are in a deep brown. The buckle is silver, and a rectangular snap closure type. The narrower belt is held in place with silver stud rivets.

There are three pouches on the belt, one is a snap closure style in leather or other material of the same texture and appearance, one is a resin in a red brown, and the other a resin in a medium brown.

Eight food pellets, two in each of gold, silver, copper, and gunmetal are attached to the belt.

A Covertec clip is present to secure the lightsaber.

Pants 11. Pants: Medium brown, lightweight cotton twill. The color of the original is close to Anchor floss 0382. These are tucked into the tops of the boots.

Boots 12. Boots: Dark brown with vertical ribbing from above the instep to the knee. Two horizontal 1" bands of leather are below the top, spaced approximately 1 inch apart.

Costume accessories:


13. Robe: This sleeved robe is of brown fabric that is both lightweight and flowing. The robe is floor-length with large, long (mid-finger length), bell-like sleeves with deep hems, and a large hood. The material of the hood is gathered at the neckline, with two small pleats at the front. There is no front facing - the front edge of the robe and hood are short hemmed at approximately 1 inch. The robe is not lined.

Lightsaber 14. Lightsaber: Scratch built, a modified Graflex flash handle, or high-end prop replica.

*Some licensed costumes may require modifications for 501st Legion approval. Please visit the Sith Lord Detachment for guidelines on the modification of these products.

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