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Model: SL-9826, Photo by: -JBM-

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Description: Asajj Ventress: Clone Wars
Prefix: SL
Detachment: Flagship Eclipse Detachment
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Context: Count Dooku’s most successful and trusted assassin.

Costume components:

CW Asajj Ventress Bald Head

1.Bald Head: The costumer's hair is shaved or covered with a tight-fitting bald cap. If a bald cap is used, the cap is tinted to match the color of the costumer's face, and the edges are blended to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

CW Asajj Ventress Make-up Front

CW Asajj Ventress Make-up Back

2. Complexion and Battle Tattoos: All exposed skin is very pale, with a light gray overtones. The eyes are accented by heavy black eye liner and mascara. Dark mulberry or maroon lipstick is worn with a roughly edged darker lining. Finger nails are to be treated with a dark lavender or grey polish.

Tattoos cover the head in a color that is similar to the midnight blue of the shirt and skirt. The tattoos have softened edges, and vary in darkness. Tattoo patterns underline each eye, with two downward points at the outer edges. The lines extend from the inner corner of each eye and onto the sides of the nose, as well as extending from the outer corner of each eye toward the ear. A thinner tattoo line traces each upper eye lid. A pair of curved triangles are tattooed on the forehead. These triangles are lighter than the other tattoos, and point downwards. A tattoo line runs from each corner of the mouth down to the chin. These lines are then connected under the chin, creating a "U" shape that ends at each corner of the mouth. A line consisting of straight segments and curves runs along each side of the head. The lines begin with a small hook above each temple, pass just above the ear, and then curve into a larger hook at the back of the head. Two small triangles and a diamond pattern are located near each line in the back. A vertical line with two diamond patterns is located at the back center of the head. This line begins at the top of the head, and ends just above the height of the ears.

CW Asajj Ventress Conact Lenses 3. Contact Lenses: Pale blue or turquoise contacts are worn to replicate the pale color of Ventress’ eyes.

While considered an essential part of this character, contact lenses are not required for 501st acceptance. All persons wishing to utilize contact lenses are encouraged to first see their optometrist for a fitting.

CW Asajj Ventress Shirt Front
CW Asajj Ventress Shirt Back

4. Shirt: The form fitting shirt is made of a dark, midnight blue stretch fabric. The sleeves are short and tight-fitting, and the collar is high and tight against the neck. The front opening is horizontally elliptic. The opening begins just under collarbones and is about as wide as costumer’s chest. The back opening is hexagonal in shape. The opening begins at the base of the neck with a straight horizontal line approximately the same width as the neck. The opening then widens with a diagonal line that ends under each arm, and then narrows slightly again until it reaches mid-back. The bottom line of the hexagon will not be visible because of the wrappings that cover the lower torso. The lower half of shirt is covered with light grey wraps with deep lilac shading. The edges of the wraps are cleanly cut and are not fraying. The wraps may be inconspicuously sewn to the shirt for ease of wear.

CW Asajj Ventress Forearm Wraps

5. Forearm Wraps: The forearm wraps extend from just above the elbows, down to the first knuckle of the thumbs. They partially cover the palm and back of the hands. The color and style of the forearm wrapping matches the wraps that cover the lower half of the shirt.

CW Asajj Ventress Belts

6. Belts: Two light gray belts are worn so that they cross in the front and back. The belts are shaped to follow the contours of the body, and are form-fitting. Vertical lines divide the belts into rectangular sections. These lines may be created by etching them deeply into the leather, or raised sections may be created by gluing rectangular pieces onto a base belt.

CW Asajj Ventress Buckle 7. Buckle: A large round buckle is located in the front. The buckle is painted a dark mulberry or burgundy color, which is heavily weathered. The buckle has a raised, rounded edge. A rectangular groove cuts across the middle of the buckle, and a gold triangle in the center points toward the costumer’s right.

CW Asajj Ventress Tabard 8. Tabard: The ankle length tabard is made of a golden tan suede or heavy fabric. At the top, the tabard is slightly wider than the belt buckle. It widens gradually down the length, forming an elongated trapezoid. A detailed pattern is painted on the tabard in a dark mulberry or burgundy color. The side edges and bottom area of the tabard are heavily weathered, allowing the tan base color to show through the red in some areas. The back side of the tabard is dark mulberry or burgundy and has weathered edges.

CW Asajj Ventress Skirt 9. Skirt: The floor length skirt is made of a crushed velvet or chenille fabric in the same midnight blue color as the shirt. The skirt opens in the front, with the right side overlapping the left. The skirt is full for ease of movement, and to keep the front overlap from gaping open when the costumer moves.

CW Asajj Ventress Leggings 10. Leggings: The form-fitting leggings are made of the same color and material as upper half of the shirt. From mid-thigh to the feet, the leggings are covered with wraps in the same color and style as the lower half of shirt. The wraps may be inconspicuously sewn to the leggings for ease of wear. For safety when attending events, thin soles may be attached to the bottom of the foot wrappings.

Costume accessories:

CW Asajj Ventress Cloak 11. Cloak: A hooded, sleeveless cloak may be worn. The floor length cloak is made of a dark grey fabric with a lilac tint.

CW Asajj Ventress Lightsabers 11. Lightsabers: The twin hilts resemble the established curved design for the Clone Wars version of Asajj Ventress. They may be attached together into a double saber design, or they may be worn and carried separately. If the lightsabers have blades, the blades are red in color. The lightsabers may be affixed to either the front or the back of the belt buckle. No hardware should be visible for attaching them.

*Some licensed costumes may require modifications for 501st approval. Please visit the The Flagship Eclipse for guidelines on the modification of these products.

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