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Model: ID-3881, Photo by: Trent Thornton

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Description: Imperial Officer: Admiral Daala, Flight Suit
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Detachment: The Imperial Officer Corps
See also: Imperial Officer: Admiral Daala, Line Officer
Context: Star Wars: Jedi Academy Trilogy
The Protégé of Wilhuff Tarkin, Admiral Natasi Daala was cunning and ruthless military strategist. Promoted to the rank of admiral in the Imperial Navy, her assignment to the Empire's secret Maw Installation kept her insulated the fall of the Empire.

Costume components:

Admiral Daala Hair 1. Hair: The hair is red and below the shoulder in length. The hair is to be worn loose with small braids framing the face.

Hair appearance may be achieved with the individual's own hair or by high quality wig appliance.

Admiral Daala Contacts

2. Green eyes: Human eyes, naturally green. Contact lenses can be used for this effect.

While encouraged to complete the look of this character, contact lenses are not required for 501st acceptance. All persons wishing to utilize contact lenses are encouraged to first see their optometrist for a fitting.

Admiral Daala Jumpsuit

Admiral Daala Jumpsuit
3. Jumpsuit: The olive drab jumpsuit has distinctive vertical piping along the seams and in a distinctive pattern above the clavicles. This piping is darker olive than the jumpsuit fabric. The cut of the jumpsuit bares a mandarin collar and is form-fitting.

Each leg sports a cargo pocket and flap on the outer thigh just above knee height. A beige or brown strap runs vertically up the center of the pocket. A gold-toned clasp, slightly trapezoidal in shape, is attached to the center of the strap on the pocket flap. A second gold-toned fixture is on the center of the strap near the bottom of the pocket. The shape of this second fixture is a convex rectangle with beveled edges on the two shorter ends.

The bicep of the right arm bares the Maw Installation logo, a cyan flight bar, and millitary insignia. Both forearms are encircled by two horizontal officer stripes in the same color as the jumpsuit piping.

Admiral Daala Rank Badge 4. Rank Badge: The rank badge consists of 12 tiles, in 2 rows of 6 tiles each. The top tiles are blue. On the bottom row, the leftmost 3 tiles are red and the rightmost 3 tiles are yellow.

Admiral Daala Belt 5. Belts: The belts are dark brown and worn off the hip. Gold-toned vertical bars divide the belt into smaller rectangular sections. Each rectangular section is accented by gold-toned round in its center.

Admiral Daala Boots

6. Boots: Military-styled black lace-less boots with rounded toe that are either leather or leather-like material with a medium gloss shine. They should come up to just below knee height.

*Some licensed costumes may require modifications for 501st Legion approval. Please visit the the Imperial Officer Corps for guidelines on the modification of these products.

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