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Model: DZ-2896, Photo by: Jiří Malina

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Description: Guri
Prefix: DZ
Detachment: Flagship Eclipse Detachment
Context: Shadows of the Empire
At a production cost of nine million credits this Human Replica Droid is Prince Xizor's most prized procession. More than attractive automation, Guri serves as body guard and enforcer of the Dark Prince's will.

Costume components:

Guri Hair

1. Hair: The blonde hair or wig reaches from the shoulders to mid-back in length.

Guri Dress
2. Dress: The long-sleeved dress is made of blue material with a yellow choker style collar. The front skirt panel is approximately 20 cm wide and reaches to the ankles. The skirt fabric is slightly gathered, producing folds down the length of the panel. The back skirt panel is also ankle length and gathered, and touches the front panel on each side. The right sleeve of this dress has two narrow yellow stripes sewn around the forearm, just above the glove. They echo the slanted angle of the glove edge.

GuriBodysuit 3. Bodysuit: The yellow bodysuit is form-fitting and covers the torso. The neckline is a deep asymmetrical V Shape. The right side of the V has an obtuse angle, while the left side is a straight line. The front bottom edge of the bodysuit also has a V shape, while the back may be rounded or it may echo the pointed design on the front. The zipper is concealed in the back seam. There is no sleeve on the right side of the bodysuit. Instead, there is a yellow strap approximately 3cm wide. It is sewn to the bodysuit only at the armpit, and hangs loosely around the right arm. The left sleeve of the bodysuit is a long sleeve with an attached fingerless glove. There are two cutouts on this sleeve that reveal the blue dress sleeve underneath. The uppermost cutout reveals the full shoulder. The lower cutout reveals the front biceps area, while the back of the arm remains covered by the yellow fabric.

Guri Right Glove 4. Right Glove: The right glove is fingerless and yellow, and it reaches to mid forearm. This glove is cut at an angle, and may be worn tucked under the blue dress sleeve or attached to the sleeve to keep everything in place.

Guri Footwear

5. Footwear: The footwear is high-heeled black “T-Strap” dancing shoes paired with yellow shin guards. The shin guards have a border pattern that appears thicker than the rest of the guards.

Costume accessories:

Guri Cape 6. Cape: An ankle length blue cape in the same shade as the dress may be worn. The cape has a large attached hood.

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