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Model: DZ-3881, Photo by: Trent Thornton

Sith Lord Detachment 

Description: Arica, Blue Dress (Mara Jade undercover)
Prefix: DZ
Detachment: Flagship Eclipse Detachment
Context: Star Wars Tales: Sleight of Hand: The Tale of Mara Jade
In anticipation of Luke's arrival, agent Mara Jade is sent to infiltrate Jabba's Palace. Disguised as the professional dancer Arica, Mara positions herself to assassinate the young Jedi threat to her Emperor.

Costume components:

Darth Maul Make-up

1. Disguise Hair: Mara's uncover hair or wig is black, shoulder length and wavy.

As an alternative to the disguise hair style, Mara's natural hair may be replicated. In such case the hair or wig may be strawberry-blonde, red, or red-gold in color. The hair reaches from the shoulders to mid-back.

Darth Maul Contact Lenses 2. Head band: A narrow silver headband encircles the forehead. The headband includes an ornamental embellishment at each temple.

Darth Maul Inner Tunic 3. Veil: The long rectangular veil is made of the same blue as the rest of the costume. The fabric may be opaque or slightly sheer. A black or silver elastic band around each bicep holds the scarf against the upper arms. One or two narrow silver bracelets hold the scarf at each wrist.

Darth Maul Outer Tunic

4. Dress: The sleeveless bodysuit is made from black fishnet material. A privacy lining may be sewn under the fishnet as long as the nude effect is preserved. A blue fabric appliqué covers the chest. The appliqué should resemble a pair of wings, with five "feathers" curving downward on each side. A pair of triangular designs is topstitched on the top edge of each wing. The center of the appliqué is topstitched with circles and a vertical center line. The skirt is made of the same blue material as the appliqué wings. It consists of a front and a back panel, and is open at the sides. The panels extend below the knees. The front and back panels are connected to each other by a strip of the same blue material, which is approximately 3 cm wide. Decorative strips of fabric similar to belt loops are spaced along the top edge of the skirt.

Darth Maul Tabbards

5. Stockings: The black stockings extend from the ankles to mid thigh.

Costume accessories:

Darth Maul Belt 6. Garters: A black garter band may be worn around the top of each stocking. Oval shaped designs made of a silver material are evenly spaced around the garter bands.

Darth Maul Loin Cloth 7. Footwear: Arica is barefoot while wearing this dress. When shoes are needed for the costumer's comfort and safety, footwear similar to the styles seen in Jabba's palace may be worn. Acceptable footwear includes the sandals seen with the Arica jumpsuit, black Slave Leia style boots, or sandals similar to those worn by Oola.

*Some costumes sold as licensed costumes may require modifications for approval into the 501st Legion. Please see the Flagship Eclipse Detachment for rules on modification of these costumes.

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