501st Legion Trooper of the Month for February 2014 is ...

by TK 3809 on Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:07 pm

Andrew Wilcockson, TK-8547, Redback Garrison

Andrew has been instrumental in laying one of our own to rest. In February 2014, Craig ‘The Sniper’ Budge, DZ-7622, passed away suddenly. Andrew had been helping Craig and his fiancee relocate to the townhouse they had just rented. During this time Craig collapsed. Andrew immediately reacted and performed CPR for over 20 minutes, unfortunately without success. Since then Andrew has supported and helped Craig's family and fiancee in their time of need. He organised funeral arrangements and a wake for Craig. Craig's family also attended a troop in which a game of cricket was played in armor, where they dedicated the winning trophy in Craig's memory.

Andrew's conduct has been outstanding, above and beyond. He is the very symbol of the bond that all 501st Legion members share!

Runners up for February are. Richard Csernelabics, RC-6403, Garrison Tyranus and Dan Trippler, TK-10705, Wisconsin Garrison.

Congratulations to Andrew, Richard, and Dan!

Long live the Empire!