501st Legion Trooper of the Month for January 2014 is ...

by TK 3809 on Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:43 pm

Jason Boyd, TD-5945, Carolina Garrison

Jason has done an amazing job this past year as the Carolina Garrison Events Coordinator, often setting up last-minute events with surprising results, including actively seeking out charity events near and far, such as organizing several successful Blast-A-Trooper events to raise money for families needing help with hospital bills and other expenses.

Very often The 501st Legion receives requests for birthday party appearances, many of which we are forced to decline for various reasons. As a show of kindness, Jason regularly sends special replies back to the children along with various Star Wars items. Jason recently received a very touching video reply from one of these children thanking him for his gesture.

Runners up for January 2014 are Mike Fessler, TK-9721, Central Garrison and Jeremy Horn, TK-11972, Central Garrison.

Congratulations to Jason, Mike, and Jeremy! Keep up the good work in the name of the Empire!