In Memoriam: Honorary Legionnaire Aaron Allston

by Fleetfang on Sat Mar 01, 2014 2:32 pm

On February 27th, Star Wars author Aaron Allston passed away. Aaron’s work influenced many realms, but it was his Wraith Squadron novels which led to his induction as one of the original three Honorary Members of the 501st Legion in 2002. His absence will be felt by all those who knew and worked alongside him, especially his fellow authors Mike Stackpole and Timothy Zahn.

Zahn had this to say about the sudden passing of his long-time friend: "Aaron was a wonderful author, a devastating punster, an erudite teacher, and -- most of all -- a wonderful friend. His humor in the midst of his pain and medical difficulties was an inspiration to everyone around him, and I will always remember the panels he and I (often with Mike Stackpole) did together. The Aaron, Mike, and Tim show, as we called it, has come to a sad close."

Ever a friend to the fan community, Aaron’s commitment to writing extended beyond his own work, and his loud shirts and sharp wit will be missed in the writing groups he passionately supported.

There’s a gray-striped X-wing waiting in the hangar for you, Aaron.
Yub yub, Commander.