501st Legion Anti-Bullying Poster Contest

by Fleetfang on Sun Oct 06, 2013 4:44 am

October is Bullying Prevention Month, and the 501st Legion is kicking off a new anti-bullying initiative with a contest on the Legion's Facebook page! We are challenging all of our members and fans to create and share anti-bullying posters with a Star Wars theme.
You can use whatever medium helps you to create the poster you've envisioned (pencils, inks, paints, photos, etc), and make whatever statement speaks most strongly to you - simple messages, detailed calls to action, words of support, pithy slogans, memes... Every idea helps spread awareness and a message that the 501st Legion does not tolerate oppression!
And at the end of the month, the person who has created the best poster will win a 501st Legion logo flag!

To enter, just post your image on the 501st Legion's Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/The501stLegion

The deadline for entry is October 31st, so get started! Let's see what you've got, troopers!