And the July 2013 Legion Trooper of the Month is...

by Fleetfang on Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:21 am

Bill "ASOK" Warren, BH-7718, of Bloodfin Garrison!
Bill’s contributions to the Legion and the entire costuming community were without equal. He was one of the most active members of the Bloodfin Garrison, serving on command staff for several years, and his passion for Star Wars and props was well known. Bill’s work on earth was tragically cut short on July 26, but in his last days, the garrison turned out in force from across Indiana. They came every day to visit him in the hospital, but also to give strength and support to his family and to one another. They shared food, comfort, and love in an extremely difficult time. In his final days, Bill brought the garrison together and reminded them what it really means to be brothers and sisters of the Legion. The July 2013 Trooper of the Month award is presented posthumously to Bill Warren. Dawn has accepted it on behalf of him, and dedicates it to all of Bloodfin Garrison, as she knows would be Bill’s wish.
Our very worthy runners-up for July included:
Jon Leopold, TK-5037, of Great Lakes Garrison, and Erich Shafer, RC-6124, of New England Garrison, who both have been working for the betterment of their garrisons and the Legion for years;
Anna Malinová, SL-2896, of Czech Garrison, who has tirelessly acted to create costumes for aspiring new members; Chris Cecil, TK-7293, of SoCal Garrison, who represented the Legion with professional grace when he was assaulted by pranksters during a charity event; and Todd Lechniak, TK-7032, and Willy Leitner, TK-8964, of Garrison Carida, who acted as first responders at an accident, saving the life of a stranger.
Congratulations to everyone! You are what keep the Legion strong!