And the May 2013 Legion Trooper of the Month is...

by tuskentrooper on Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:46 pm

Chris Askins, SL-1163 of Garrison Carida! Chris does an outstanding job with not just his interactions with people in the planning and execution of events, but also in taking care of troops who make the long trip.

After a recent parade, a fellow trooper experienced car trouble. The trooper was 150 miles from home with a broken car. Chris offered to help without hesitation, driving the member to a parts store and then installing the part and fixing the car himself. Above and beyond the call of duty! Congratulations Chris!

Our other May nominee was Luc Lavictoire, TB-1320 of Capital City Garrison. At the recent Ottawa Comic Con, Luc inspired fellow garrison members to create a 60' x 40' "501st Experience" booth. Charitable funds raised at the event totalled more than $10,700 CAD. The camaraderie among the membership has improved since the inception of the project. People showed skills and talents that were unknown to the membership and developed greater respect for each other.

Congratulations to all our Legion Trooper of the Month nominees! Keep up the great work in the name of the Empire!