And the April 2013 Legion Trooper of the Month is...

by Fleetfang on Mon May 27, 2013 7:31 pm

Ville Ahtonen, BH-11380 of Nordic Garrison! Ville was the principal builder of a full-scale AT-ST in Finland. He spent more than 500 hours to complete the 6.3-meter-tall "Battle Chicken" in time for the Model Expo on the weekend of April 27th. See photos of the completed project on the Nordic Garrison Facebook Page!

Our other April nominees were Jorge Casas, DZ 7894 of Skull Garrison, who provided great support for a Make-A-Wish Foundation hospital visit, and Gabriel Alejandro Gonzalez Bustos, TK-2444 of Chilean Outpost, who displayed enormous fortitude and a cheerful spirit while wearing his Gamorrean Guard costume during the heat of the Lion City Parade.

Congratulations to all our Legion Trooper of the Month nominees! Keep up the great work in the name of the Empire!