And the March 2013 Legion Trooper of the Month is...

by Fleetfang on Wed May 01, 2013 9:50 pm

Denis Flotat, TK-7333 of French Garrison! Denis conceived and executed a new patch and coin database for use by Legion members around the world. His selfless sacrifice of time and energy for the benefit of all of his 501st brothers and sisters embodies the spirit of volunteerism that makes the Legion great!

Also being honored with nominations in March were Daan de Ruijter, TB-7021 of Dutch Garrison, who designed and laid out the garrison's entire trading card set; Patrick "Craygee" Sprague, TK-4594 of Garrison Tyranus, who has lent a helping hand in countless ways to fellow members and friends; and Bruce "Cyclops" Rennell, TK-51173 of Redback Garrison, who negotiated and secured the donation of a trailer to transport the garrison's props and sets!

Every one of these troopers went above and beyond in their efforts to make the Legion and the world a better place, and every one of them deserves our congratulations for jobs well done! Keep up the fantastic work, troops!