And the February 2013 Legion Trooper of the Month is...

by Fleetfang on Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:11 pm

Tray Nichols, TK-4251 of Garrison Carida!
When Mountain Garrison member Aaron Garber's wedding announcements were ruined in a freak Slurpee/Post Office accident, Tray surprised him with an offer of his services as a professional printer free of charge, his only concern being that Aaron and his fiancée get the replacement cards they needed without delay. Tray's generosity and willingness to help a Legion brother embodies the spirit of family in the 501st, and for that we honor Tray with Legion Trooper of the Month!
Congratulations also go out to Tharren Thompson CT-6051, also of Garrison Carida, for his cooordination efforts at Penn State's THON fundraiser, which raised a record $12.3 million this year to fight pediatric cancer!
Buckets off to you both!