Attention, Troopers! A Message from the LCO

by Fleetfang on Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:28 pm

Hello, members and fans of the 501st Legion!
This year promises to be one of the most productive and exciting years in the history of the 501st, and I am excited and honored to lead the Legion for it!

With the second Celebration Europe (CEII) right around the corner, we are embarking this year on a course to bring more attention to our international members by highlighting their local contributions to the 501st Legion's mission through social media and the site. We are requesting mission reports, video, and photos from our members and those in the public, which can be shared with us through various methods, including the feedback form on the main 501st website, or through localized message forums.

Be sure to Like our Facebook pages ( and and follow us on Twitter @501stLegion to get our latest news and @501stCharity to read about the many amazing charity events that we do. And if you like your news on the go, don't forget about the 501stCast, the Legion's official podcast, with new episodes releasing every month at

If you attend any comic or pop culture conventions, stop by and say hello to us and take a photo. Or participate in some of our activities like "Blast-a-Trooper" and the ever-popular "Droid Hunt!"

In addition to conventions and large scale events, our members work tirelessly to help promote and raise money for several charities and causes around the world. Giving back to the communities where our members live and putting a smile on the faces of children and adults is a large part of what we do. Community programs include visiting children’s hospitals, library days, school fairs and assemblies, and much more! Last year alone, the 501st Legion helped raise millions of dollars directly and indirectly for charities worldwide.

If you are hosting an event and would like the Legion to support you, you can submit a request for an appearance through our website at

Finally, With new Star Wars films being planned for release by Disney, we can expect to see the Legion grow in size and force over the coming years, as more and more people are introduced and re-introduced to the franchise we all know and love. New movies will bring with them new characters and costumes which will help the Legion grow in ways we have not seen since the release of the Prequel Trilogy.

For those interested in joining us, the 501st has Legion and Garrison Membership Officers who are available to lend support to aspiring troopers, and can put you in touch with our costume-specific Detachments, where you can get specialized guidance for creating a screen-accurate costume. All of the information you need to join the Legion can be found on

And for those Star Wars fans who are 17 and under, the Galactic Academy provides an introduction to the world of Star Wars costuming. You can find out more at

We look forward to meeting you at a local event or perhaps even welcoming you as a new recruit in our ranks! The future looks bright for the 501st Legion, and as Lord Vader once said, “We would be honored if you would join us!”

Aimee Jorgensen (TB 101)
501st Legion Commanding Officer