Heiress to the Empire!

by Fleetfang on Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:33 pm

The 501st Legion 2013 Elections are complete, and we have a new Commanding Officer!
Aimee Jorgensen, TB-101, will be assuming command of the Legion on March 1st. Aimee has been a member of the Legion since 1999, has served as Commander of the Midwest Garrison for four years, and will be the first female LCO in the history of the Legion! The members of the Legion wish her the best of luck with her new duties, and we express our deep gratitude for the countless hours of work that Kris Kuipers, RC-6247, our outgoing LCO, has given to the 501st over the last two years.
With elections over, the Legion now turns its attention back to our charitable efforts and the good work of trooping! For the Empire!