The December 2012 Legion Trooper of the Month is . . .

by Nick on Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:59 pm

Jason Vecoli, TD-7764, of Bast Alpha Garrison!

Bast Alpha recently raised thousands of dollars to help the family of a little girl named Cassie who has a medical condition. When Jason heard that the family had no money in their budget for Christmas, he took it upon himself to help them. He asked friends and family for donations and (with his own very significant contribution) raised about $900 to give Cassie a happy holiday.
Jason discretely got Cassie's Christmas list, and he ordered her just about everything on it, including an Xbox 360 Kinect and several games for her and her siblings. He and two other troopers personally delivered the presents to the family home a few weeks before Christmas.

Congratulations also go out to our other December nominees, Ken Seymour (SL-8995) and Scott Bryne (ID9946)!