A Public Apology from WPLG Local 10 Miami

by Fleetfang on Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:57 pm

The 501st Legion received this message from WPLG with a request to share it with members of the 501st and the Star Wars fan community...
"We apologize to those who we inadvertently offended with our Star Wars slideshow. It was posted by an member of our staff who is an avid Star Wars fan. He took the pictures and added what were intended to be humorous captions largely of people in creative Star Wars costumes at a convention he attended over the weekend in Orlando. His goal was to create a lighthearted web feature. After getting complaints yesterday, we removed the slideshow from our website. Again, to those who were offended, we apologize.


David Boylan VP and General Manager
WPLG Miami"